June 25, 2016


Medina County to seek bids for house razings

MEDINA — Medina County Planning Director Rob Henwood said he will begin advertising for bids next Monday to demolish four more houses under the Moving Ohio Forward Demolition Grant Program.

Two of the homes are in Hinckley Township, one in Chatham Township and one in the city of Medina.

The four are among as many as 33 houses expected to be razed with $500,000 in federal money — Medina County’s share of more than $75 million from a federal lawsuit settlement against the country’s largest mortgage lenders distributed by Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine.

The program is aimed at helping property owners who otherwise could not afford to tear down dilapidated homes. The property owners only pay a $750 fee.

Eight homes already have been demolished — three in Brunswick Hills Township, two in Lafayette Township and one each in the cities of Brunswick and Medina.

Henwood said plans had called for five homes to be demolished. But one home, at 2058 Center Road, Hinckley Township, was found to have more than 11,000 square feet of asbestos materials that would have cost more than $51,000 to remove.

The additional cost of removing the asbestos would mean reducing the number of homes that could be demolished by four or five, he said.
Henwood said the house will not be included in the project.

“We told the homeowner we want to help but we have to think about what’s in the public’s best interest,” he said.

He said the county will refund the homeowner’s $750 demolition fee.

Henwood said the county will seek demolition bids as soon as the environmental study reports are back on the four remaining houses in project.

He said environmental studies are set for the next phase of the demolition work, which includes six houses — two in Liverpool, two in Hinckley and one each in Sharon and Granger townships.

Henwood said the work will be advertised as soon as the report comes back early next week.

All but one of the houses being razed are old homes that have been abandoned.

The exception is a new house at 5588 Bilney Court in Lafayette Township that was left unfinished when the construction company, Unmistakably Premier Homes, filed bankruptcy after the 2008 housing market crash.

The deadline to complete all houses with reimbursement under the Moving Ohio Forward program is Dec. 31.

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