July 1, 2016

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Rescued kittens named Ginger, Mary Ann, Gilligan

BRUNSWICK — Three kittens who put their seafaring skills to the test Tuesday have been named by the veterinary staff at Brunswick Animal Hospital.

The week-old kittens were named Ginger, Mary Ann and Gilligan after the TV castaways.

A trio of week-old kittens was rescued from a culvert Tuesday, and their mother is nowhere to be found. Animal hospital employees have named them after "Gilligan's Island" characters. (COURTESY PHOTO)

The kittens, marooned in a culvert on Williams Drive, were spotted by a meter reader. The meter reader notified local resident Kerry Williams, who scooped them out of the culvert and warmed them up in a box at his home. Williams then sent his wife, Raven, a text message at work.

“I got a text message of these three little, what looked like drowned rats,” Raven said. “He said the meter man found them and he thought they looked like puppies.”

They were sopping wet and cold and they didn’t make any noise. Raven said she was worried the kittens might not make it, but Kerry put them in a box, called Brunswick animal control and hoped for the best.

Animal control officer Mike Kellums arrived and identified the animals as very young kittens and took them to the Brunswick Animal Hospital for the extra care they would need away from their mother.

Raven said it’s not the first time she and her husband have rescued wayward neighborhood kittens.

“We have a lot of cats around the neighborhood and they keep on reproducing,” she said. “We’ve actually had to rescue five litters of kittens, from inside our attic and walls.

Raven said in the last two years, a few cats made their way into their garage during colder weather and had their litters in the attic.

“We could hear them meowing inside the house,” she said. “We actually had to tear down one of our bathroom walls with one litter to get a kitten out.”

Raven said she’s not sure what draws young felines to her yard and home, but said she’s happy that the three kittens rescued Tuesday are doing well.

“I’m really happy, because when I first saw them, I didn’t think it looked good,” she said. “They have names now and a good chance of survival.”

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