April 17, 2014

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Teen arrested after fight in Medina High lunchroom

MEDINA — One of three students involved in a fight at Medina High School on Wednesday faces a juvenile charge of resisting arrest, according to Medina police.

Medina Schools interim Superintendent Dave Knight said the 16-year-old boy resisted a police officer as he was being removed from an altercation in the lunchroom.

School officials would not say how the fight started or how many students were suspended, citing student privacy.

The incident sparked intense discussion on social media. The school board plans to discuss the district’s response to the community during a special meeting at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday in the distance learning lab at Medina High School.

  • Wake up Medina

    I can already hear the spin from the Board regarding this fight…it’s because of the levy. Brunswick beats Medina (again)…it’s because of the levy. Medina gets an F in its state report card…it’s because of the levy. Keep singing and playing with M &M’s school board, while other districts continue to out perform you. Brunswick, a larger district has not passed a levy since 2006 and got A’s and B’s on its state report card, same with Highland and Buckeye, but poor Medina blames it on the levy. School fights and poor football are the result of the levy too. Hey Knight, Vlcek and Robinson, start singing the blues as the levy will never pass as long as you all continue to blame others and not the way you conduct your business. YOU ALL are the reason this school district is in the shape it is in. Shame on all of you. You are the reason the schools are performing at a failing grade, and throwing more money at it is not the answer until it is fixed. Bye the way, banded schools do in fact work and there are studies that show they are much more conducive to student growth and developement, but I guess you won’t discuss those results. The levy must be to blame for that as well. Please all resign now, before you embarrass yourselves and further (if that is possible), and stop blaming the levy, instead of yourselves, for everything that is wrong with this district. Perhaps Knight can sing another song…that will fix the problems with this district. What a bunch of jack*****. Of yeah, I am proud to be a bee.

  • Knight and Board must go

    By the way, this was the second fight at the high school this week. What about reporting the first on as well. Of course Knight, Robinson and Vlcek withh blame it all on the levy, instead of doing something about. Hey Knight, instead of singing nursery rhymes, maybe you should lead a chorus of Everybody’s Kung foo Fighting. You all are a discrace

  • Dr. W.

    I think that the parents were upset because the police arrested a student and they were not informed. This is different from most fights. as they do not result in police arresting students.

  • megatron

    Slow news day?