June 24, 2016


Medina quints travel in style with a seat to spare

Leann and Jacob Alferio out for a stroll Tuesday with their quintuplets: from left, Jade, Kensley, Brooklynn, Giovanni and Leighton. (GAZETTE PHOTO BY LOREN GENSON)

The Alferio quintuplets have a great way to get around — a stroller built for six.

Anyone traveling around Medina’s west side this summer may have caught a glimpse of one of the two specialty strollers Jacob and Leann Alferio received from Foundations, a Medina-based company that provides specialized child-care products.

“Everyone stops to look. Of course the biggest joke is that there’s one empty seat,” Jacob said after he was stopped by The Gazette on a walk Tuesday afternoon.

Jacob said the family isn’t likely to add another child to the family yet. Besides, the extra spot in the stroller comes in handy right now — it’s kept vacant next to the most temperamental child.

“The moodiest one usually rides alone,” Jacob said. “It’s just easier that way.”

Foundations donated two strollers to the family: the blue stroller that can collapse to be transported and another “gaggle buggy” that looks more like a red school bus and is made of a hard frame.

Jacob said the kids love to ride in both.

“It’s really nice to have, because if there’s just one of us at home, we can still load it up and take them all out,” he said.

The family has a trip to the zoo planned for next summer, and the collapsible stroller will come in handy. So far, the family hasn’t done many outings with all five kids because it’s just too difficult. Leann said she’ll take two to the grocery store and even that gets considerable attention.

“People stop us just to ask about our “twins.” Imagine if we took all five with us,” she said.

Since giving birth in October, the family has kept friends and the community up to date on their daily lives with a blog, www.thealferio5.weebly.com.

The blog keeps an update on babies Giovanni, Brooklynn, Jade, Kensley and Leighton and their older sister Lexi, 10. Another way the family reaches out to the community is through their daily walks in the six-passenger stroller.

At 11 months, Jacob said all five babies usually can sleep through most of the night. And as the quints’ Oct. 7 birthday gets closer, the family is planning their first birthday.

“We’re excited about it,” Jacob said. “Leann’s putting in a lot of work getting everything planned.”

With the help of family and a part-time nanny, Jacob and Leann said they were happy to get back to work this fall — both are teachers in Brunswick Schools.

“Going to work full time, it kind of felt like a vacation to us,” Jacob said. “It was actually kind of nice to get out of the house.”

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