June 28, 2016

Intermittent clouds

Montville Twp. to test new tornado sirens Saturday

Montville Township has a new warning system in case of an approaching tornado.

The new sirens will be tested for the first time at noon Saturday.

“Having a system to warn our residents of an impending tornado is something we believe will be an added comfort and sense of security to our community,” township Trustee Jeff Brandon said.

The township bought four sirens from Columbus-based Capital Electronics of Columbus. The sirens cost about $97,000 to install. The township will be reimbursed $47,342 of the cost through a grant managed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Four sirens are located throughout the township — on Ridgewood, Poe and Paradise roads, and in Cobblestone Park.

The system will be tested at noon for three minutes on the first Saturday of each month. The sirens will sound at 128 decibels, at 100 feet in the air, which allows the sound level to reach approximately 1.5 miles in each direction from each siren.

The sirens will warn those outdoors and may not reach some interior locations such as basements, central interior rooms or sound-proof areas.

In the event of severe weather, the outdoor warning system will be activated after verified notification that Medina County is in the path of a possible tornado or is in an area where the probability of a tornado is high.

The sirens will sound for three minutes in an actual weather emergency. The sirens will be activated by the Medina County Sheriff’s Office, which receives information from the National Weather Service.

If the sirens are activated during inclement weather, residents should seek shelter indoors. In most instances, this means taking cover in the safest most interior space, away from windows, and preferably on the lowest possible level of the nearest building. If a storm knocks out electricity, the system will operate on battery backups.

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