July 5, 2015

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Delayed court cases for Sept. 24

MEDINA — Three cases were delayed Monday in Medina County Common Pleas Court because Judge Christopher J. Collier was out sick.

• The change of plea hearing for an accused methamphetamine dealer was pushed back. Stacie Simon, 28, of Barberton, is charged with illegal manufacture and possession of meth, second- and third-degree felonies. If she’s convicted, she could sentence her up to 11 years in prison.

• The sentencing hearing for a man’s fourth felony case this year was postponed. Adam Knight, 32, of Wellington, is charged this time with two counts of receiving stolen property, fifth-degree felonies. Each is punishable up to a year in prison.

• A man who pleaded guilty in May to stealing guitars from a warehouse was rescheduled for sentencing. Stephen Bugg, of Elyria, is charged with theft, a fourth-degree felony. He faces up to 1½ years in prison.

New court dates were not scheduled yet.

Five trials set to begin Monday also were delayed:

• The jury trial for 46-year-old Patrick Shank now is scheduled for Oct. 28 before Judge James L. Kimbler. Shank, of 5170 Chippewa Road, Montville Township, is charged with 12 counts of rape, first-degree felonies punishable by up to 11 years in prison each.

• A 25-year-old man had a trial delayed to Nov. 4. Christopher Willard, of Strongsville, is charged with two counts of rape, first-degree felonies. He’s accused of assaulting a Brunswick woman with another man, Joseph Thomas.

• Another man, 20-year-old Ivan Ray IV, had a rape trial scheduled for Nov. 18 in Collier’s courtroom. Ray, of Freeport, Fla., is charged with two counts of rape, first-degree felonies.

• An 18-year-old Medina man had a trial for child pornography rescheduled to Nov. 12 in Kimbler’s court. Dylan Ruesch, of 110½ W. Libert St., Apt. C, is charged with two counts of pandering sexually oriented matter involving a minor. The charges are second- and fourth-degree felonies, punishable by a total 9½ years in prison.

• A 32-year-old Fairlawn woman accused of robbing an elderly woman had a trial postponed to Oct. 28 in Collier’s court. Jennifer Edwards is charged with robbery, a second-degree felony punishable by up to eight years in prison.