April 18, 2014

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State auditor issues update on ESC carryover fund

MEDINA — Medina school board President Karla Robinson said she and the other board members received a status update Wednesday from State Auditor Dave Yost’s Office on the special audit of the district’s carryover fund held by the Medina County Schools’ Educational Service Center.

Robinson said she could not comment on any information communicated during the status update.

“We are prohibited by law from discussing anything released to us in the status update,” she said.

The board also met with their attorneys in executive session.

The board requested a special audit of Superintendent Randy Stepp’s spending from the carryover fund.

Stepp was placed on paid leave in April, pending the completion of the audit.

In addition to the carryover fund, the board also asked the state to audit one month’s bill of Stepp’s American Express card — one of two credit cards he was issued in 2006, the year he was hired, to pay for district expenses.

The December 2007 bill covers charges made between Nov. 10 and Dec. 10.

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  • Traci Rydbom Monroe

    I would like to know what statute of law prohibits them from disclosing any information, these are public monies we are talking about the public is entitled to answers.

  • Buffalo

    Wow, that’s a shock! The school board members can’t discuss anything because of legal implications, then they run like rodents and hide behind their lawyers again. Is it any wonder why people want all of the old members out?

  • Medina Retiree

    The statute of the law of “Sit down and shut up, peon!”. Have a wisdom to use the serenity to accept things you can not change.nYes, I have used sarcasm here, perhaps – overused.

  • Medina Retiree

    BoE ran around spreading poison-laced words about Stepp, and now, when the audit reports are coming to conclusions they have to have closed-door executive sessions. Of course, they discuss with lawyers now how to save their collective butts. Eventually, Stepp will laugh his way to the bank, while Medina taxpayers will have to foot the bills.

  • Traci Rydbom Monroe

    Ok Randy! Whatever!

  • Medina Retiree

    You are much dumber than I thought, if you actually think, that I am Randy.

  • Concerned

    This is directed at the Gazette news staff and not the Board. Why aren’t you more involved and digging into this whole State Audit harder. Is it really confidential? Does the Board have the Legal right or responsibility to hid the results? Something just doesn’t seem right here. The Gazette is simply “going along with the Board’s comments. How about more aggressive reporting and digging deeper into this whole audit matter! I’m in agreement – something smells like a cover-up again from the Board – maybe the State found them at fault??? Come on Gazette – help the taxpayers get to the bottom of this once and for all !.