June 28, 2016


Final attacker is sentenced

MEDINA — The last of a Brunswick-area trio convicted of assaulting a Chippewa Lake family will join his accomplices in prison.

Shane A. Wuensch was sentenced to 11 years in prison for the attack and for two drug cases in Medina County Common Pleas Court. Wuensch, his friends said, was the mastermind behind the assault.

Shane Wuensch

Wuensch, of 837 Pennys Drive, pleaded guilty in August to aggravated burglary and felonious assault, first- and second-degree felonies.

He also was convicted of two counts trafficking in hallucinogens, fifth-degree felonies, and possessing N-benzylpiperazine, a drug similar to amphetamines — which is a third-degree felony.

Wuensch and his accomplices were accused of kicking in the family’s door in December, throwing gasoline on a 14-year-old boy and hitting the boy’s mother with a baseball bat.

Wuensch said the attack was a “scare tactic” to collect drug money.

His accomplices, Jason Donelon and Brandon Ward, were sentenced to 10 and 15 years in prison for their involvement and for other unrelated felonies.

Attorney Christine Russo, who represented Wuensch in the assault case, said Wuensch has a severe drug and alcohol addiction, which he’s been overcoming in the Medina County Jail.

“He wasn’t sober on the streets,” Russo told county Common Pleas Judge Christopher J. Collier. “He knows now what it’s like to be sober.”

She said Wuensch grew up in a home where drugs and alcohol were constantly present.

“He’s essentially been on his own since he was 9 years old,” she said.

Collier asked Wuensch if there was anything he’d like to say.

“I never meant for anyone to get hurt,” Wuensch told the judge.

County Assistant Prosecutor Scott Salisbury said he didn’t believe Wuensch and told the judge there was something missing in his statement.

“What’s clearly missing is an apology,” he said.

The mother who was attacked that day was present in the courtroom and told the judge her family has faced psychological harm as a result. Sharon Schuessler said her 5-year-old son has been terrified ever since that there are “bad guys” around.

“He chose to be the person who sits here today,” Shuessler said. “The addict, the bully, the criminal he is.”

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