July 23, 2016

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Property in Brunswick may be rezoned so it’s easier to sell

BRUNSWICK — City Council members are considering a zoning change for nearly five acres along Pearl Road.

At a meeting Monday night, members heard the first reading of an ordinance that would rezone 4.9 acres at 1710 Pearl Road to general commercial use. The property now is a medium-density residential district.

The land is part of a larger, nine-acre parcel and the four acres closest to Pearl Road already are zoned for commercial use.

“T. A. Tegrotenhuis and Sons have owned the property since 1969,” said Pam Plavecski, the city’s planning and zoning coordinator. “They thought the entire property was C-G (general commercial) until they found out it was dual zoning.”

Plavecski said the discovery was made as the owners attempted to sell the property. The owners worried the land would be hard to sell with dual zoning. The front portion of the property includes a car dealership and was constructed in 1969.

The city’s Planning and Zoning Commission recommended Council approve the zoning chance and Council members signaled they were in favor of the change.
“This is a good thing, a good thing for business,” Councilman Mike Abella, at large, said.

Councilman Anthony Capretta, who serves the 4th Ward, where the property is located, said he hasn’t received any calls from area residents objecting to the rezoning.

Councilman Dave Coleman, 3rd Ward, pointed out that any development on the property would have to include a 50-yard buffer between the property and the residential apartment buildings to the west.

The measure will be read at two more Council meetings before members vote.

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