April 24, 2014


Treasurer’s contract up for discussion

MEDINA — The agenda for tonight’s meeting of the Medina school board includes a recommendation of a five-year contract for district Treasurer Jim Hudson.

But school board President Karla Robinson said the issue may not come up for a vote.

“We have to have some discussion before we can decide what we want to do,” she said. “It’s fair to say the issue may not move forward.”

The proposed contract would run from Aug. 1, 2014, to July 31, 2019, according to the agenda.

Robinson said the agenda posted on the board’s website is a draft. She said the agenda is approved at the start of the meeting and it’s possible the item may be removed.

Robinson said a copy of the proposed contract is not available and she declined to comment on whether it included a raise for Hudson.

“I don’t feel comfortable discussing it because I don’t know how the other members feel about the contract,” Robinson said.

Hudson was hired as treasurer in January 2012 at a salary of $90,500.

In August 2012, he took on the job as treasurer for Cloverleaf schools in a cost-saving move. Cloverleaf agreed to pay the Medina district $69,000 for the shared service.

Tonight’s meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. in the distance learning lab at Medina High School, 777 E. Union St.

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  • OhioGuy10

    I hope this is a wake up who thought all the problems werengone now that Randy is no longer employed. Guess what? They are justnstarting. I have said before that beforenthey received new operating money they needed a clean sweep. No others said. Wenhave 2 new board members and the other three will be gone soon. As we can nownsee the two new are starting to seem like they are in over their heads as well.nThe Superintendent is who we thought he was. A people first person with annewer, bigger checkbook. He will try to take care of everybody because they arenhis friends. The Treasurer needs to go. He was not here for all of this messnbut he was here for enough of it. He knew how much was in the ESC account. Theynsend reports to him. It is his duty to bring this to the boardu2019s attention andnhe failed. Randy was not his boss. The board was. He is basically keeper of thencheck book and he failed to take care of the communityu2019s money. All payments henhas knowledge of. All expenses, payments and contracts. Cloverleaf should auditntheir books as well. Our u201cNewu201d boardntries to sneak this in buried on a page in the middle of their agenda. So muchnfor that trust. Will they pull it and just say it was a mistake and then try tonfool the people down the road or will they say how great he is and that hendeserves it. You do not pay people because they are nice. You pay them based onnperformance and market conditions. That is how you run a business. In todayu2019s world raises are not as common and do not appear as often. These peoplenhave no business operating a Lemonade Stand let alone a school.

  • lige

    Totally agree with OhioGuy10!! This is why I did not vote for levy, this is why I have never supported or voted for any of the current or past board.nnnI have said it before and I will say it again. RS was the ring leader and all the rest were his loyal servants. You still have the same business manager, the same treasurer, the same PR…and gosh knows how many others that were in RS inner circle. And while you all are looking up things, take a long look at the past treasurer before the current. HELLO!!! He checked nothing! He let RS attend all the expense meetings alone, he let RS negotiate all sorts of wheeling and dealing to line RS pockets and RS friends. nnnAnd it sounds to me the Cloverleaf has been paying the majority of current treasurer’s salary!!! People of that district need to be outraged at that!! RS wanted his empire at the expense of anyone and everyone. nnnSo now all the outraged Medina people are crying the blues that the treasurer is getting a new deal. WAKE THE HECK UP! You were so gung ho on getting this levy passed when you should have waited and worked on getting new blood throughout. So yeah, my taxes are gonna go up when i said NO, and there could be a good chance that you will get squat from pushing this levy. If there was any way I could get the heck out of this town right now, I would in a heartbeat. I have lived here close to 60 yrs and I have seen it get worse and worse. The sense of entitlement is out of control…all across the board.

  • ohiotoo

    While Cloverleaf is paying Medina $69,000 for the shared services, Medina is paying for all of the benefits, (health insurance, pension) and salary related expenses such as payroll taxes, worker’s comp, etc. Medina would still be paying a greater share of these expenses.

  • lige

    Ok…I get that. Maybe they should have reported that in the news article, but I will consider the source. nnnThe more I think about it, Cloverleaf needs to dump him and get someone in who can focus and commit to Cloverleaf. Not someone who is dealing with the fiasco of Medina City Schools. I never have understood this particular shared service…oh wait, yes I did..lining RS and cronies pockets, that’s right.

  • CloverleafResident

    Cloverleaf is in fiscal emergency; they can’t afford to pay a treasurer themselves.

  • Buffalo

    This just keeps getting worse with every associated news story. I’m not one for needless litigation, but doesn’t it seem about time that we, the taxpayers, try to recoup some of OUR money from all of those involved in this mess? The former superintendent for getting everything he wanted paid for, the school board for agreeing to pay him for everything he requested, the treasurer(s) who just blindly wrote the checks… EVERYBODY who was responsible needs to be fined and punished and we should be reimbursed!