April 23, 2014


Revised mailbox rules address ‘roadside hazards’

Full text of new regulations

MEDINA — County commissioners approved a resolution Tuesday that prohibits large, ornate brick mailboxes on county roads.

County Engineer Mike Salay said the ban is a safety issue because brick structures are a roadside hazard. Salay has said nearly every mailbox on his own residential street — a county highway — has been hit by vehicles.

Township trustees will be advised of the new policy and asked to help get the word out.

Salay said township roads will not be included in the new policy but trustees will be encouraged to support it because “there are quite a few township roads out there with 50 mph speed limits and narrow shoulders, and so it is a highway safety issue.”

Salay told commissioners the new policy is effective for any new mailboxes and his office will work out a plan to bring any existing mailboxes into compliance that pose particular problems.

The proposed rules for mailboxes:

• The mailbox door should be at least 6 inches outside the shoulder of the highway. Those near guardrails must be behind the guardrail.

• Boxes made entirely of plastic or lightweight sheet metal should be attached so they cannot easily be separated from the post if hit by a vehicle.

• The wooden post can be no bigger than 4 by 4 inches and a metal post no bigger than 2 inches in diameter. They may not have an anchor plate, but can have an anti-twist device no more than 10 inches below the surface. They may not be set in concrete.

• No more than two boxes can be mounted on the same post. Posts with multiple boxes must be at least 3 feet apart.

• Nothing outside those regulations will be allowed unless approved by the county engineer.

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  • Screamin09

    I’m glad this passed. Massive mailboxes, boulders, trees, etc. don’t belong in the right of way. They are so pretty until a car hits them and then they’re killers.

  • Traci Rydbom Monroe

    The cars should stay on the road and not hit them in the first place.

  • duhh

    Why don’t they fill in ditches then and put up guardrails on all county roads? There more head-on collisions, why not put a guardrail between the lanes then? Enough already – this isnu2019t an issue if people would pay attention to the road and not their cell phones, radio, eating, nail clipping , reading newspapers, putting on make-up, falling asleep, etc.

  • guest

    absolutely horrible reporting on the part of this story’s author. The story is: Federal Law is explicit in establishing who can make mailbox regulations. It’s not the county engineer or trustees or council or mayors or anyone else other than the USPS. These published rules actually violate several regulations of the USPS. Those mailboxes were approved or they wouldn’t have been allowed to exist. Dimwits.

  • Mikster

    Then I guess fire hydrants, utility poles and large concrete or brick signs (like those you see at the entrance to subdivisions) will have to be made to break away also.

  • Mikster

    No the driver’s at fault for not maintaining control of their vehicle. @@.