April 17, 2014

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Man sentenced who scared girl during burglary

MEDINA — A 22-year-old Cleveland man who broke into a Litchfield Township residence in June while a teenager was home will spend two years behind bars.

A jury found Matthew A. Poland guilty in October of burglary, a second-degree felony, because a 13-year-old girl was home when he broke in.
The charge carries a maximum sentence of eight years in prison.

The girl was at her father’s home for the weekend, Medina County Assistant Prosecutor Matt Razavi said in court Thursday. The girl locked herself in a bedroom, he said, and called police while Poland and an accomplice were inside.

In court, Razavi said Poland’s accomplice — Arthur C. Morris Jr., who’s awaiting a Jan. 6 trial on an identical charge — opened the door to the locked bedroom and encountered the girl. After seeing her, Razavi said Morris and Poland left.

“You don’t need to be 13 years old to be upset that men are breaking into your home,” Razavi said, “let alone that you have an encounter with one.”

Razavi said the break-in has had lasting effects on the girl, who no longer will visit her father’s home.

“It’s not that she doesn’t want to see her father,” Razavi told the judge. “It’s that she’s afraid it might happen again.”

Poland’s attorney, Bob Campbell, said this was his client’s first felony case and stressed that the girl never saw Poland in the house.

Campbell asked for mercy because his client just became a father and has the opportunity to get a good job.

“He has a lot of incentive to get his life on track,” Campbell said.

Poland declined to say anything when offered the chance to speak before Common Pleas Judge James L. Kimbler sentenced him.

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  • Brandi Lynn

    Ok, just a couple things, the 13 year old girl is 14, but was 13 when it happened. And she does visit her father still but will not stay there alone. She didn’t lock her bedroom door, because she didn’t have time to do so. I do know this as facts because this girl is my daughter. Please try to get your facts straight when publishing things. All in all we feel the Mr. Poland’s sentence was fair, as far as him being a father… well maybe he should have thought of that before he decided to change my daughter’s life and make the home that her father and I built for her sister and her, in the middle of the country, on a quiet road, in a safe neighborhood, where she would feel safe and grow up that way, all but that. Mr. Poland and Mr. Morris changed both my daughters’ lives and put fear into them, along with me and their father. So Mr. Poland, I hope no one ever does such a thing to your child, because the scares on her psychy can never be fully healed. Your took away her security in the one place every child should feel completely safe, her home.

  • LarryEWells

    I hope this man spends every second of his prison time afraid of being assaulted repeatedly by Bubba and his buddies, and I hope they succeed repeatedly. That girl was my granddaughter and some piece of slime broke into the house and destroy the feelings of safety and comfort that her and her sister knew there. I hope both of these worthless pieces of garbage get what the have coming. If you feel sorry for his kids well so do I. I am sorry some child will have to go through life with such a piece of trash as a father.