April 19, 2014

Mostly clear

Judge washes hands of longtime offender

MEDINA — A judge said Thursday he would not handle any more criminal cases involving a 45-year-old Akron man with a history of drug offenses.

At a sentencing hearing for Clarence E. Powell, Medina County Common Pleas Judge James L. Kimbler announced he was transferring the case to Judge Christopher J. Collier.

“I don’t think it will be a good idea for me to handle this case,” Kimbler said, citing frustration with Powell.

This would have been the fourth criminal case Kimbler had overseen involving Powell since 2001. Powell has appeared seven other times in common pleas court since 1993.

Kimbler said if Powell is indicted again on any charges, he would transfer them to Collier’s court, too.

Powell is charged this time with failing to comply with the order or signal of a police officer, a third-degree felony punishable by up to three years in prison.

Powell pleaded no contest to the charge in August, but failed to appear for his first sentencing hearing in October. A warrant was issued for his arrest.

County Assistant Prosecutor Matt Razavi said Powell drove away from Medina County Drug Task Force agents when they tried to stop his vehicle. Razavi said the agents were following Powell in April and that Powell disposed of evidence implicating him in drug charges.

In addition, Razavi said Powell tested positive for cocaine and marijuana use while awaiting sentencing.

Powell is being held without bond at the county jail.

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  • Eva Smith Buhite

    He should be sentenced as an habitual offender and stay in jail his entire sentence plus more time for this. Maybe he will get off of drugs while in jail, he won’t out on the streets. He seems to have no fear and expects no consequence for his criminal behavior.

  • Credible Medina Resident

    Well it would be nice if Medina would get their facts straight before publicly incriminating an individual. FIRST of all, There was never a missed court date in October and you can verify that with his attorney BEFORE publicly posting that. Secondly, he was ILLEGALLY pulled over in APRIL you can VERIFY that with his attorney as well. There is also NO PROOF of the alleged drugs that were disposed of or he would be charged with a drug offense as well, not only a fleeing charge-correct? Get your facts straight MEDINA. All we can hope for is a fair trial for every offender in our county.

  • Guest

    Why would they even schedule this court hearing to be with Kimbler when obviously he automatically knew he did not want to deal with this particular individual. Why would you waste man hours and city pay to set up a hearing just to be handed over to another judge? Our court system in Medina is a joke.

  • wenndy

    So we need to get our facts straight funny. So I’m assuming the testing of positive for cocaine and marijuana use while awaiting sentencing is wrong two or should one check with his attorney. The report says seven more times he has appeared in court since 93. That must wrong two. This individual has no respect for law.its in the judges hands now.

  • guest

    Sorry to say … But Medina has turned into a drug infested city because of individuals like this. This persons record surely shows that he is part of that problem. I hope they do convict him and get the others that contribute to this issue. As for the record… Yes this person was fleeing. Yes this person is a known drug dealer. No this person does not fear his consequences……