April 24, 2014


Bailiff hopes leaking roof is fixed soon

MEDINA — A Medina County Courthouse bailiff is calling on the county to fix leaks in the courthouse roof — a project he’s been trying to get done for eight months.

“I’ve been harping at these people since April to get this fixed, but everyone’s so focused on the clock tower,” said Joe Lewandowski, bailiff to Domestic Relations Judge Mary Kovack. “In the meantime, we’ve got our people at work with buckets surrounding them.”

The clock tower renovations cost the county $2.3 million over three years and were completed in early December.

Lewandowski said he reached out to county maintenance superintendent Tom Maupin to ask when the leaks would be repaired.

“When is it going to be done?” Lewandowski wrote in an Oct. 29 email. “We were told in the spring as soon as the weather straightened up they were going to start on it. Now winter is approaching and still no work.”

Maupin responded the same day: “I don’t have an exact date, but anticipate within a couple weeks. As soon as I find out, I will let you know.”

But Maupin said Tuesday in a Gazette interview that the repairs now are planned for March.

“The weather turned quickly on us,” Maupin said. “The roofing manufacturer had it scheduled under a contractor who was working on another project, and by the time the contractor was free, we were hitting bad weather.”

He said the repairs are covered under a warranty. Part of it was scheduled for 2013, but Maupin said the contractor working on the clock tower was using part of the space.

“The contractor was using that portion of the roof to access the clock tower for repairs,” he said, “and we didn’t want to be in their way.”

The repairs are a priority, Maupin said.

“It would have been nice to have been done,” he said. “I don’t like roof leaks. They just make more work for me.”

Lewandowski said there are two leaks in the domestic relations offices, located in the old section of the courthouse. One has been equipped with a drain that redirects the water into a tank, and a bucket has been placed below the other.

Five full-time employees work in the offices and the judge occasionally joins them there.

Lewandowski said he wished the roof repairs could have gotten done sooner.

“The court has made an effort to get this fixed,” he said. “The problem here is priorities.”

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  • grp61

    Maybe they believe they can afford all of the lawsuits when the roof collapses on everyone’s heads and you can say I told you so ! Foolish American Government’s and backwards priority’s !

  • Et Tu, Bonehead?

    Yeah, they’d better hurry to fix their court-house roof so the Medina Kounty Kangaroo Kourt can operate full bore once again w/ their fabricated evidence, ignoring motions to suppress, even after they had signed off on them, and a whole host of ORC and US Constitutional laws that they regularly violate. In some cases, they actually commit larger felonies than the poor SOBs on trial did to get indicted. Medina County Common Pleas Court is THE poster child for faulty/illicit jurisprudence, egregious abrogation of Due Process, and ridiculous “piling on” of phony felonies to cow the victim, I mean, “Defendant” into a lousy plea deal, thereby guaranteeing the Supreme Persecuting Shyster; Dean Holman, his 95% + “conviction rate”. Shameful behavior, and all of it grounds for disbarment. I am glad I moved out of Medina County. You’d be wise to do so as well.