June 30, 2016

Mostly clear

Schools canceled again because of cold weather

MEDINA — Temperatures rose to the mid-20s Wednesday, ending the record-breaking cold that plagued Northeast Ohio on Monday and Tuesday and caused the cancellation of school throughout the area.

Despite that comparatively balmy weather, every school district serving Medina County except Wadsworth canceled classes Wednesday.

Medina Schools also will be closed today, this time because of the city’s water problems.

School officials gave a variety of reasons for staying shut Wednesday.

The announcement of a third day of cancellations started Tuesday evening with Black River Schools, followed by Cloverleaf, Brunswick, Highland and the Medina County Career Center.

Medina did not cancel classes until early Wednesday morning.

“We knew the temperature was going to rise but with the temperature and wind chill early in the morning, we didn’t want children waiting at bus stops and walking to school in the extreme temperatures,” Interim Superintendent Dave Knight said.

Cloverleaf called off classes because officials feared too many of the school buses wouldn’t run.

Most of the buses are parked at the homes of the drivers and aren’t in garages.

“We had to dispatch our mechanics to those locations to get them going on Tuesday night,” Superintendent Daryl Kubilus said. “With the cold weather last night, we were fearful that we couldn’t get our buses to be operational today.”

The decision to keep school in session Wednesday for Wadsworth was an easy one for Superintendent Andrew Hill, who was hired in May to replace retiring Dale Fortner.

“Our buses and facilities were running fine, plus we are fortunate that our buses are parked inside of a garage,” Hill said. “We want to make sure what we’re doing is in the best interest for the kids.”

Not surprising, Hill’s decision was a disappointment to some students.

“I figured we’d get a new superintendent and he’d understand when it’s cold and snowy outside, we shouldn’t have school,” said Briana Olsakovsky, a junior at Wadsworth High School. “Everywhere else in Medina County seemed to think so.”

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