April 24, 2014

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Former teacher placed in intervention program for pot

MEDINA — A judge placed a former Claggett Middle School teacher in an intervention program Monday after she pleaded guilty to letting her husband grow and sell marijuana in their Litchfield Township home.

If 28-year-old Katie Hill-Asaro gets through the program, which is similar to probation, Medina County Common Pleas Judge James L. Kimbler said her plea would be withdrawn and her case would be dismissed. If she fails, Kimbler said Hill-Asaro would be found guilty.

Katie Hill-Asaro

Katie Hill-Asaro

Vito Asaro

Vito Asaro

Hill-Asaro, of 8453 Spieth Road, Litchfield Township, was indicted Aug. 27 on a charge of permitting drug abuse, a fifth-degree felony punishable by up to a year in prison.

Her husband, 33-year-old Vito Asaro, awaits a Jan. 28 trial on charges of illegal marijuana cultivation and marijuana trafficking, fifth-degree felonies.

Kimbler said the intervention program lasts three years, with a review halfway through.

The couple was arrested after an undercover a Medina County Drug Task Force agent bought marijuana from Asaro on July 24. A search on Aug. 14 recovered 28 plants from the 4-acre property, drug task force agents reported.

Hill-Asaro resigned from her teaching position after her arrest. She was an eighth-grade math teacher.

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  • ironicallyposting

    Thank god these viscous criminals are off the streets

  • lookingallaroundme

    I completely agree. I imagine she will have a court appointed counselor who will mandate meeting times and dates that she will have to pay for. This way, the public can rest assured that her assets will be sucked dry, her sense of self-determination decimated, and we will be safe from her after the system is through.

  • Bill Williams

    How messed up are we? Instead of being happy that a drug dealing teacher of impressionable middle school children is punished for her crime (can anybody spell deterrent), we feel sorry for the criminal and lament the expenditure of funds to uphold the law.

  • Freethepeople

    It’s funny to think that marijuana laws and legalization are changing daily. Thank you New Hampshire for voting yes today! Its only the old relics that believe this plant/herb is a bad thing. 58% of Americans want legalization.

  • Freethepeople
  • OrangeandBrown

    What a bunch of BS!…Plain and simple, its BS!