June 30, 2016

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Auditor makes $500 scholarship available to home-schooled students

MEDINA — Medina County Auditor Mike Kovack said his office again will offer a $500 scholarship to a graduating senior in a vocational program at the Medina County Career Center or Wadsworth High School, or a home-schooled student pursuing further education in a vocational field.

And a Chippewa Lake couple will donate another $500 for a scholarship.

Each scholarship may be used toward tuition, books or other school expenses.

This is the first time in the 19-year history of the program that home-schooled students are included. Kovack said the oversight was mentioned in a letter last year.

“We never meant to exclude anyone, so we just brought them into the fold,” he said.

Any student at the Career Center or a Wadsworth student at the Four Cities Educational Compact — a vocational district shared by Wadsworth, Norton, Barberton and Copley — is eligible for the scholarship if he pursues higher education in any one of the vocations offered at his school.

Last year, Mark and Linda Krosse of Chippewa Lake donated $500 for a second scholarship and Kovack said they will do so again this year.

“They just saw the program and were appreciative of it and contacted me out of the blue last year,” he said.

Students interested in applying may pick up an application at the Career Center or at Wadsworth High School or at the auditor’s office inside the Medina County Administration Building, 144 N. Broadway St., Room 306.

Students also may download the application and rules from the forms link at on the auditor’s website, www.medinacountyauditor.org.

Anyone with questions can call the auditor’s office at (330) 725-9756; (330) 225-7100, ext. 9756; or (330) 336-6657, ext. 9756.

The deadline for applications is March 28 and scholarships will be awarded in April.

“I am very proud of my staff. Every year they contribute money to secure the $500 necessary to offer this scholarship,” Kovack said.

“They look forward to reading the applications and awarding the scholarship to a student on the basis of sincerity in furthering one’s education, need, student citizenship and school and community involvement.”

Contact reporter Dan Pompili at (330) 721-4012 or dpompili@medina-gazette.com.

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