June 27, 2016

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Medina Council: Gates for two rail crossings in works

MEDINA — Two local railroad crossings are on the state’s to-do list for installing gates.

At Monday’s Finance Committee meeting, City Council members green-lighted projects to install gates at crossings on State Road and Guilford Boulevard. Both measures still will need to pass through the formal approval process during a regular Council meeting.

City Engineer Pat Patton said the gates will address safety concerns — especially at the Guilford crossing, which now has only flashing lights, and is near the new multipurpose path that runs alongside Champion Creek, just south of East Smith Road.

Patton said the work won’t begin for another 12 to 14 months at each intersection. Neither project will cause the roads to be closed.

The Guilford project is the result of a grant application the city made to the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio in March 2012. The state didn’t reply until last month.

Upgrading the gates will cost an estimated $204,000. The cost will be divided among the city, which will pay 64,000; PUCO, $119,340; and the Wheeling and Lake Erie Railroad, $20,400.

Once the gate is installed, it will become the property of the railroad, which will assume all future maintenance costs.

The second crossing is on State Road, just north of state Route 18. Unlike on Guilford, the PUCO notified the city that the crossing needed to be updated.

It is expected to cost about $15,000 for design and engineering and another $150,000 for construction. The city will be responsible for the design costs, but later will be reimbursed by the state. The PUCO also will pay for the construction work.

Because it is a city-owned railroad that crosses State Road, Medina will assume possession of the gate when complete.

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