March 28, 2015


Chamber of commerce invoked in email scam

SEVILLE — Scammers are using the Seville Area Chamber of Commerce as a cover to try to solicit $25,000, the organization’s president said.

Chamber President Carol Carter said at least one resident and a local business have contacted her about emails they received that appear to come from the organization.

The emails from “Seville Area Chamber of Commerce” either include an invoice from “” related to “membership dues” or ask directly for $25,000 to support the chamber.

“Do not open. It will contaminate your entire email list,” Carter said.

She said that while the emails appear to come from the chamber office, none of the chamber’s contacts received them, except one former administrator and that was likely by chance.

Carter said the chamber’s contact list was not contaminated.

She said any emails from the chamber will contain “Ohio” in the full email address.

She said police have been notified and are investigating.

— from staff reports