April 17, 2014

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Police arrest man, 24, determined to get into Highland High School

GRANGER TWP. — A 24-year-old man was arrested Tuesday after he attempted to enter Highland High School twice, authorities said.

The incident prompted officials to lock down the school for about 30 minutes until deputies located the man in his vehicle in the parking lot at 1:13 p.m., according to the Medina County Sheriff’s Office.

Justin M. Dixon, of Medina, was charged with criminal trespassing.

Dixon entered the school around 1:07 p.m. and went to the main office to request a visitor’s pass. He was advised by staff that the school did not issue visitor’s passes, the Sheriff’s Office reported.

A short time later, surveillance cameras showed he was trying to enter the school at the lower-level entrances. At that time, school personnel locked down the building and called the Sheriff’s Office.

When questioned, Dixon told deputies he was at the school to meet a girl he had befriended on the Internet. The Sheriff’s Office said authorities were unable to confirm his story and placed him under arrest for criminal trespassing and took him to the county jail where he was being held Tuesday on $25,000 bond.

A news release from Highland Schools did not provide any more information and no one from the Sheriff’s Office was available to answer questions Tuesday evening.

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  • Concerned Parent

    Does anyone know this person? Do we know if his story is legit? I thought we had to buzz into each of the highland schools now?

  • Lisa

    We do need to buzz in. Which is why he didn’t gain access to the building. He had no legitimate reason for being there and he wasn’t allowed in. They followed procedures and I think it went the way it was supposed to. I’m more concerned with kids talking with strangers on the internet. Watch how much information you put out there!

  • Tonya

    I hope they search his computer and find if true the other person he was to meet was in that school. So many ifs and could be’s. Could of lead to bad things, or worse.

  • CD

    Yup, it was a girl he met online. Not at liberty to say who.

  • Tim

    Just want to say that it really took around 6 minutes for police to get their the district has been saying “2 minutes”.

  • Tim