January 28, 2015

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Want a Great Golf Tip – S-T-R-E-T-C-H

Golf in Northeast Ohio is finally here. Players are excited to get their expensive new clubs out. The $400 driver that can’t miss a fairway. The $800 set of irons that can’t miss a green, and the $100 shoes that look as good as they feel. All that money spent and the thing that is actually going to help your game and reduce injury is actually free. Stretching: it doesn’t cost a cent and it will be the greatest 5-10 minute investment you can make.

Stretching before you golf loosens your muscles and prepares them for the demands you will put on them. Regular stretching helps also to build a more rhythmic and fluid golf swing. You can take lessons and practice long, but if your body is not able to get in proper position due to biomechanical or flexibility issues, you will make little improvement.

Unlike touring professionals, most recreational golfers don’t practice 4 hours per day or take hundreds of swings each day at the driving range. However, during an average 18 hole round recreational golfers take more than 100 swings including practices swings, as well as bend more than 30–40 times. You don’t have to be a healthcare professional to see the demands this puts on your back.

Before playing or practicing incorporate a good warm up. It doesn’t have to take longer than 5–10 minutes. Start first with a brisk walk for one to two minutes. This will get the blood flowing and warm up the muscles. Then begin the stretching, especially with a good breathing pattern. This shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes. Always remember to exhale as you stretch. Move slowly to the point you feel a good stretch, but not pain. Hold for 10–15 seconds. The stretching routine should include muscles of the neck, back, shoulders, hips, and legs.


Centerpointe Chiropractic and Physical Therapy along with Weymouth Country Club’s head golf professional Kevin Maust will be holding a free golf fitness class. The class will consist of flexability, balance, and stability excercises. The classes will be held at Centerpointe Chiropractic and Physical Therapy on Saturday, February 22nd at 10:00am and Tuesday, February 18th at 1:00pm. If you are a golfer or even a nongolfer who wants to improve range of motion, flexibility and decrease pain, you will be sure to benefit from this class. Space is limited so please call 330-723-2225 or go to www.medinacenterpointe.com to register.