April 21, 2014


Woman attacks grocery employee with steaks she ordered

BRUNSWICK — A Columbia Township woman is accused of using unusual weapons — two steaks — to assault a Giant Eagle employee Saturday night.

Frances L. Slyman, 44, was charged with misdemeanor assault after police were called to the Giant Eagle at 3440 Center Road about 9 p.m.

According to a police report, Slyman ordered two steak filets. She asked that they be cut smaller than usual, explaining that she was on a diet.

When the employee handed over the steaks, witnesses told police that Slyman removed the cellophane from the steaks and threw them at the employee, shouting that the employee had called her “fat.” One of the steaks struck the employee in the eye and the other on her shoulder.

Slyman told police that her husband said he overheard the employee make a derogatory comment about his weight.

The employee denied commenting on the man’s weight but said that as she was filling the order, she chatted with another employee about how “everyone is on a diet these days.”

A witness who was waiting for an order at the deli counter told police she didn’t hear the employee say anything to provoke the attack.

Police said the employee refused treatment.

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  • Sandra Halem

    This would be funny if this woman wasn’t throwing RAW MEAT at an employee. Is this the family that owns the Deli in Cleveland? She knows about meat. Now she needs some anger management and should become a vegetarian.

  • Chuck Svac

    This is how adults act?

  • Eric Cramer

    She threw meat at a guy who cuts meat all day and probably has a huge knife back there. Real smart.

  • Guest

    This is exactly it; people don’t “grow up” anymore. A lot of baby boomers didn’t discipline their children, and now they’ve grown up and become big babies.