June 26, 2016

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Montville police rescue dog from frozen pond

MONTVILLE TWP. — Police thought buying an animal snare was a good investment to protect residents from stray dogs.

They didn’t know they’d be using it to save a dog.

Montville police officers David Pinkas and Justin Bennett responded to a distress call in the Brynwood neighborhood Tuesday afternoon after a Labrador fell through the ice in a small community pond.

Bennett said the pond was mostly frozen, but the ice had thinned near the center where an aerator fountain kept the water circulating.

That’s where the dog fell in.

Bennett said the ice was strong enough that he was able to walk out about 8 or 10 feet and reach the dog with the animal snare — a long stick with a looped cord at the end.

“Officer Pinkas and myself had just a couple of weeks ago purchased a dog snare like dog catchers use,” Bennett said. “We had tried to use a paddle boat, but there was too much ice.”

“I just pulled her up and she ran right over to Officer Pinkas,” Bennett said.

Bennett said the dog belonged to a family in the 6200 block of Brynwood Drive. He said the nanny at the residence told police the dog had been in the frigid water for about 10 minutes.

Officers encouraged the nanny to wrap the dog in blankets and check with the family’s veterinarian.

The residents of the home could not be reached by phone Tuesday.

It wasn’t the first time Montville police rescued a dog that had fallen through the ice. About a year ago, officers saved a Labradoodle named Boomer from a pond in the Fox Meadows Development.

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