April 20, 2014

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Police: Erratic driver critically injured in Montville crash

Montville Township police investigate a three-car crash on state Route 57 Monday afternoon. (COURTESY PHOTO)

Montville Township police investigate a three-car crash on state Route 57 Monday afternoon. (COURTESY PHOTO)

A Montville Township man was seriously injured in a crash Monday afternoon on state Route 57 after he collided with two cars north of Sharon Copley Road.

According to township police Chief Terry Grice, Dragisa Radulov, 36, was southbound in an Audi, when he attempted to pass a sport utility vehicle. As he crossed a double yellow line to pass the car, he struck the rear driver’s side of the SUV and crashed head-on into a northbound Ford Fusion.

The Fusion caught fire, but the driver, Glen Williams, 58, of Medina, was able to escape.

Radulov was trapped in his vehicle and had to be removed by officers. Radulov was taken to MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland, where he was listed in critical condition Tuesday afternoon.

Williams was taken to Medina Hospital with injuries that were not life-threatening, Grice said.

The driver of the SUV, Matthew Richardson, 51, of Montville Township, did not need medical treatment.

Grice said after the crash several drivers who had seen Radulov’s Audi traveling on Route 57 stopped to report to police that they had witnessed Radulov’s car pass them in the minutes before the crash.

“Several people stopped to report his driving as erratic,” Grice said.

The crash remains under investigation and Grice said no citations have been issued yet. Radulov was not wearing his seat belt at the time of the crash, Grice said.

Route 57 was closed for about 2½ hours while the scene was cleared by members of the Medina Fire Department, and police officers did measurements and took photos for their investigation.

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  • Leslie

    As a mother of teenagers who drive, these kind of people out on the roads who drive with no regard to others safety really upset me.

  • BereaBrave

    This man should have his license revoked….forever.

  • A

    This man has a family, has a story, and is critically injured. Mistakes were made, but he is paying for the consequences of his actions. People like you who beat an injured man with your condemning words are the reason why people are depressed and commit acts of self harm. You know nothing about this man’s story, but I suggest you just keep your opinions to yourself. I don’t think anything more needs to be said, but opinions can be kept to yourself because there are a lot worse things happening in this world, than bashing a man who is in critical condition. On a side note, this is not excusing his actions, simply stating that the damage has been done and silence is golden.

  • someones who care

    I agree with you 100%. He is the only person with no voice in this whole story. Lets blame the one that can not speak for himself. Media is evil and makes people believe in many lies as well. I know for sure that this man works really hard, helps out manyyyy manyyy people in the community. He takes care of his family and is he is a better person than many of you who judge him without even knowing him. Shame on you! We all make mistakes, we all drive fast sometimes. We do not know why he was in such a hurry!!!! Maybe there is a reason for it. I am SURE he never intended to hurt anyone or to cause any of this. Who are you to judge that. I just hope he gets better and can take care of his two girls. Everything else does not matter!! He needs our prayers, not our opinios.

  • sad

    Prayers to the driver. choosing to drive 90 miles an hour in a 35 zone and injure other citizens does not mean he intended to hurt them, but by his actions he showed he did not care if he did.

  • Mirko Talijan

    This man has lost his life in this car accident, please stop all commentators to write about this. Pocivaj u miru brate.

  • Jovica Goretic

    Brate moj u bozijim si rukama R.I.P

  • Sead Goretic

    legenda ostaje legenda brate pocivaj u miru..

  • Cowboy911

    Mistake? Wow, getting behind the wheel and putting other drivers lives at risk – a Mistake! Its criminal and thats why laws exist. The fact that he was seen driving this way by other drivers, passing in a no passing zone, hitting the rear of the car in front of him when he did try to pass – shows its more than a mistake – it was a choice. It was his chooice to almost kill two other drivers by his actions, it was his choice that he killed himself. Let it be a lesson for others who think laws apply to others and not themselves. Thank God his didn’t kill or seriously ingure anyone else.

  • someone who knew him

    I knew this person

  • someone who knew him

    when all is said and done I am sure the toxicology will come back positive. It’s sad..not for him, but for his girls and his family and his friends. He was selfish and now he doesn’t feel pain…only those left behind are here to pick up the pieces. I am only so thankful the people he hit are not going through the same pain he has put his family and friends through. May they find peace…

  • Ricky

    Rest In Peace my brother… I am so sad right now as I write this. I cant believe you are gone. You were a real good friend to me; and overall just a great person. We hung out a probably like a week before this happened and talked about how long we’ve known each other and all the old memories we had. I don’t know the reason you were speeding; but knowing you it had to be for a good reason. People can comment all they want. It doesn’t matter.. Us who knew you personally knew the kind hearted person you were. You WILL ALWAYS be in my memories…Man this is so tough! Im salty at the fact that I found out about this a month later. I WILL find out were your burial is at and pay you a visit. There is so much more that I can say but I will save that for when I see you on the other side. REST IN PEACE RADULOV DRAGISA bka DEN or as I called you DENNY. You will be missed.

  • Ricky

    hey sorry to bother but do you know were Den is buried? I would like to pay him a visit. I just found out about this tragic accident.