January 24, 2015


Fully-alive Living: Failed New Year’s Resolutions, and Lent

I have a theory about Lent.

Not lint… Lent. Although if you ask, I’ll give you my theory about lint.

For some, Lent’s a chance to be noticeably religious for 40 days and make sure everyone sees it. For others, it’s to do something zany, such as “I gave up Mountain Dew for Lent!”

Some write it off as something only a certain group of people do. “Isn’t that just a Catholic thing?” they wonder.

Maybe you know that Lent’s a season of reinvesting into a genuine relationship with God throughout the days leading up to Resurrection Sunday.

Still, my theory is Lent ends up being a “Plan B” to our New Year’s resolutions that didn’t quite work out for any number of reasons:

  • You set a vague goal: To give yourself wiggle room, you didn’t get super specific about anything. As a result, nothing super specific happened.
  • You tried trapping others into your resolution: Perhaps you told your family, “All dinners will now be healthy!” After two months of their grumbling, you’re unsurprisingly back to macaroni and cheese.
  • You didn’t do your homework: The average person can only lose so much weight or save so much money in a fixed amount of time. Did you set an unrealistic goal?
  • You tried humming Rocky music: It didn’t work, did it? Whatever large opponent you were facing down – years of binge smoking/eating/drinking/sex – didn’t run away because you got intense about it one day.

Now as Lent comes along, we imagine it’ll kick all that in the teeth. Lent makes you get super-specific, take part in a community who’s into it, only have to last for 40 days and enjoy the victory of how Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross punches Satan in the gut with a great big “BOO-YAH!”

Is that it? Might something be missing?

Colossians 2:8 dares, “See to it that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deception, according to the tradition of men, according to the elementary principles of the world, rather than according to Christ.”

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Until then, see you next week… if not around town.


Tony Myles

Tony Myles

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