June 28, 2016

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County mirrors nationwide stats for leading causes of death

Heart disease and cancer accounted for more than half of the deaths in Medina County last year, according to the county Health Department.

“That’s in keeping with what we’re seeing nationally,” Health Commissioner Krista Wasowski said. “There’s really nothing out of the ordinary in the data.”

Of the 1,125 people who died in the county in 2013, heart disease accounted for 31 percent and cancer about 25 percent.

Wasowski said residents can work to reduce their risk of heart disease and cancer.

“Really, a lot of the risk factors for cancer and heart disease are things they can do to change their lifestyles: reducing tobacco smoking, eating well-balanced meals, getting physical activity,” she said. “We have a lot of links on our website (medinahealth.org) if people are interested in learning how to live a healthy lifestyle.”

Heart disease or cancer mostly killed individuals age 45 and older, and seven younger than 45 died from those diseases.

Other leading causes of death in Medina County included respiratory problems (7 percent), dementia (7 percent), stroke (5 percent), pneumonia (4 percent) and liver disease (4 percent).

Twelve accidental injuries were the leading causes of 29 deaths between ages 15 and 45, followed by 10 suicides.

Wasowski said there may have been more suicides, but the deaths remain under investigation.

Included in the data are five children younger than 15 who died — two from congenital diseases and one each from degenerative disease, influenza and respiratory conditions.

Other causes of death included in the data for all ages were gastro-intestinal, intestinal and kidney disease, diabetes and homicide.

There were 89 deaths that were undetermined, pending or otherwise uncategorized.

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