June 28, 2016


Judge: Woman getting drunk, assaulting people on my signature

MEDINA — An admitted alcoholic who said she can’t remember breaking into a home and stealing a car in 2010 has returned to Medina County Common Pleas Court, accused of drunkenly punching a bar owner in the face.

Kayla R. Ray, of 364 N. Avon Ave., Wadsworth, appeared in court Monday for a probation violation hearing. Ray, 29, admitted to the violation, but Judge Christopher J. Collier delayed her sentencing a week so he could weigh the facts.

Her attorney, Daniel Gigiano, said Ray went to a bar Feb. 26 for a “celebration of life” after her aunt’s funeral. Ray told the judge she wasn’t close with her aunt, and went there intending to get drunk.

When it was time to leave, she said she went out to her car to keep warm while waiting for someone to pick her up, and the bar’s owner came out to take her keys. Ray said the woman was getting “in her face,” so she punched the woman in the nose.

“You mean Kayla, the self-admitted alcoholic who’s not permitted to drink because of her probation, had too much to drink and got into a brawl?” the judge said.

The bar owner called police, who arrested Ray and charged her with assault, a first-degree misdemeanor. Because she was on probation, she faces potential jail or prison time.

Ray in 2010 was sentenced by Collier for burglary, a second-degree felony, and motor vehicle theft, a fourth-degree felony. Collier sentenced her to six months in jail and five years of probation.

“Understand, I’m the one who put her on probation. I’m the one who signed the papers,” Collier told Ray’s attorney, who asked the judge to give Ray another chance. “She’s out there getting drunk and assaulting people on my signature.”

Ray also was admitted to the judge’s substance abuse treatment program, but was let go because the judge said she began to date another alcoholic in the program.

At Monday’s hearing, Ray begged the judge not to send her to prison.

“I just want to be a good, normal person,” she said, asking the judge to monitor her alcohol intake.

Collier wasn’t so sure.

“You can’t be on an alcohol bracelet forever.”

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