January 26, 2015


Fully-alive Living: A Scorpion, and a Cup of Coffee

A duck was waddling along one day when he saw a scorpion.

The scorpion said, “Let’s be friends.”

“But, you’re a scorpion,” the duck replied. “You’ll sting me.”

The scorpion countered, “No, I won’t. I’m a rather nice scorpion and just need a lift across the lake. I promise that if you help me I’ll tell you where all the really bad scorpions are.”

The duck considered the proposal, and agreed to help the scorpion get across the lake.

Halfway across, the scorpion started to sting the duck. At first it was only a small attack, growing into a full assault.

The duck barely finished the journey. As he crawled up on shore sick with poison, he looked at the scorpion and with his dying breath said, “You stung me.”

The scorpion replied, “What did you expect? I’m a scorpion.”

I imagine you see many people journeying through life with scorpions on our backs. It’s easy to spot in others, but harder to see in ourselves:

  • What cup-of-whatever do you turn to each on a daily basis to “get you through the day?”
  • Is there a form of entertainment or gaming that eats up more time than you know it should?
  • If someone were to search through your internet history, what trends would they see?
  • When does your cell phone get turned off or ignored?
  • How might your calendar or checkbook registry reveal what you can’t get enough of?

Your addiction may be to something as noble as “community service,” as shallow as “Facebook,” as cultural as “the Walking Dead” or as common as “Starbucks.”

Ever notice how some addictions get a pass while others get a magnifying glass?

Of course not. We don’t need “one more” smoothie, diet soda, smoothie, beer or Red Bull. We can stop at any time.

Still, that line at Starbucks never does get any shorter… does it? That pile of plastic and aluminum drink containers just keep piling up at home, too.

1 Corinthians 10:23a challenges, “Everything is permissible, but not everything is helpful.”

How does this play out? Check out more on this www.medina-gazette.com/hhh

Until then, see you next week… if not around town.


Tony Myles

Tony Myles

“Fully-Alive Living” offers weekly insights to serve you in taking another step forward in matters of the heart, soul, mind, body, and relationships. With over 20 years of experience and advanced education in working with people of all ages, Tony Myles and his family live in Medina where he serves as the Lead Pastor of Connection Church.

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