January 25, 2015


No pain? Still gain!

Dr. Lisa Herbert

Dr. Lisa Herbert

Submitted by Dr. Lisa Herbert





“I don’t need a chiropractor. Nothing hurts.” This is a statement I’ve heard a fair number of times.  Although I can see how that statement may seem logical to some, let me explain why that may not be the best way of thinking.  As an example, let’s assume that you never went to the dentist.  One day you wake up with pain. Upon finally going to the dentist you find out you need a root canal, crowns, and a variety of other procedures because you’ve neglected your teeth for so long.  In hindsight, going to the dentist for check ups probably could’ve saved you a lot of pain and aggravation in the long run.  That’s the frame of thinking that should be applied to looking at a chiropractor in terms of preventative care.  As an adult, seeing a chiropractor twice a year for “tune ups” can spearhead significant problems down the road.  Even children getting periodic tune ups, especially if they are active in sports, can help prevent problems in adulthood.

I often tell patients by the time they are experiencing pain, they have had a problem brewing for some time.  Pain is the last thing to show up and the first thing to go away.  To explain, first you will have dysfunction of a joint in that it has some type of aberrant movement.  Second, you will have inflammation of the joint and related tissues.  Much like a pair of shoes that don’t fit quite right will leave your feet irritated at the end of the day.  Last, you will have pain.  Now that the joint has not been moving properly and has become irritated and inflamed, you will finally perceive pain even though something was wrong long before you hurt.  In the reverse, the pain may start to subside but that does not necessarily mean that the joint dysfunction is corrected.  In a situation like this people have the chronic cycle of the pain gets better then gets worse because the original problem has never been fully corrected.

Many of you that consistently read my articles know that I’m against over treatment.  There is really no need that someone should need to see me every week for the rest of their life. In my mind, a chiropractor’s goal should be to get their patient to their optimal level and then educate them on the importance of preventative care so they know to pop in a few times a year.  Often by seeing your chiropractor a few times a year you can avoid need to be treated a dozen times for a severe episode that catches up on you.

So think of your chiropractor much like you would your dentist or family doctor and pop in once or twice a year for a check up to prevent bigger problems down the road.  Dr. Lisa Herbert is in practice with her husband Dr. Joe at Wadsworth Chiropractic.  They believe that you are what you eat and that movement is essential to life.  For more information on their practice please visit wadsworthchiro.com or visit Wadsworth Chiropractic’s Facebook page.