July 25, 2016

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Times Past…Macy’s memories include streetcars and roller skates

By Beth Mlady

Macy Hallock

Macy Hallock

As a boy, Macy Hallock wheeled his way around Medina’s square on roller skates, if he and his friends weren’t already jumping from one horse hitching post to the next.

“The sidewalks were made of sandstone, and there was a big stone fountain and a pond with goldfish where the gazebo is now,” Hallock, 88, said. “My father and grandfather bought the building that used to be the old jail, tore it down and built the building right behind where Whitey’s Army & Navy is now. I was born in that building, half a block from the square.”

He recalled the interurban railway service that was a big part of the square, transporting passengers to Cleveland, ChippewaLake or even Akron.

“The interurban was a very wonderful system which disappeared during the Depression,” Hallock said. “I remember the interurban stopping in the middle of the street in front of my father’s building to unload Victrolas and pianos. When it came around the corner, it squealed really terribly loud. It was enough to get you right up out of bed.”

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