July 1, 2016

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How well did Brunswick resident fare on ‘Jeopardy!’

The day after Northeast Ohio native Arthur Chu lost during his 12th episode of “Jeopardy!,” another area man won the popular quiz game show.

Matt Kish, a Brunswick resident and teacher at North Royalton High School, won $23,201 on the show Thursday night.

“Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek and Matt Kish, of Brunswick, pose during a taping of the show in November.  (PHOTO PROVIDED)

“Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek and Matt Kish, of Brunswick, pose during a taping of the show in November. (PHOTO PROVIDED)

Kish beat out Diana Peloquin, who ended Chu’s winning streak on Wednesday night.Kish, a social studies teacher, was the only contestant to correctly answer the final Jeopardy! question: “At 4,000 miles, the farthest-apart capitals of bordering countries are these two cities, one on a peninsula.”

Kish correctly answered Moscow, Russia, and Pyongyang, North Korea.

“When I saw the category, I smiled,” Kish said. “If the category was French Literature, I know I would have lost.”

Kish’s reign as champion lasted only a day. He lost Friday night.

Kish said he prepared for the show by setting his DVR to record “Jeopardy!” and studied the episodes after he found out in October he’d be attending a taping of the show in November. Kish said he had been a fan of the show, but it often played in his home during the evenings as background. With two young sons, he didn’t catch an entire episode very often.

“After that, ‘Jeopardy!’ wasn’t on in the background anymore,” he said. “It was front and center.”

Kish said his wife, Annemarie, who is a special education teacher at North Royalton Middle School, was excited about his appearance on the show. She stayed at home during the taping with their sons and watched the show with him Thursday night.

Students and staff at North Royalton High school also were excited about his appearance.

North Royalton Principal Mic Becerra, said he wasn’t expecting Kish to bring home a win when he returned from taping in November. The show tapes 10 episodes over a two-day period during the taping season. Contestants aren’t allowed to share the outcome of their appearance with anyone.

“He came back and said ‘I hope you won’t be too disappointed,’ “ Becerra recalled. “I was expecting him to lose.”

Becerra said when he watched the win Thursday, he was happy for Kish, and when he came to work Friday morning, went directly to Kish’s classroom.

“The question of the day was ‘Who is Matt Kish?’ “ the principal said. “It’s really exciting for the students. Not every kid can say they were taught by a teacher who appeared on ‘Jeopardy.’ ”

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