January 27, 2015


Benefits of Cycling

ElderOnBikeNo one can forget the feeling of joy and freedom they experienced as a child when they learned to ride their first two-wheeler. Now many adults are re-discovering the benefits of riding a bicycle. Cycling is an activity that can be enjoyed from your first years to your golden years. It can be a fun family KidOnBikeouting, a get-together with friends, or a way to clear your mind on your own. You can ride on the multi-purpose paths or mountain bike trails in our local parks, or on our public streets–whichever suits your ability and comfort level. You don’t have to make your rides a grueling marathon, either. Numerous studies show that just 20 to 30 minutes of moderate exercise a few days a week go a long way toward preventing chronic health problems like obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes. A great way to get that exercise is to use a bike for WomanOnBikeshort trips. Forty percent of all urban trips are two miles or less, a distance that is easily handled on a bike by people of all fitness levels. In competitions held in cities all over the world, it’s been proven over and over that the bicycle is fastest way to get across town during rush hour, compared to walking, public transportation, and even cars. Riding your bicycle to school, work, the store, the library, or the post office saves you money on gasoline and other auto maintenance expenses. You’ll be more independent, and you’ll be reducing traffic, and reducing wear and tear on our roads. This improves driving conditions for all of us, including yourself, for the times when we do have to use our cars.


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