January 29, 2015


Spring Fever leads to “Spring-itis”

By Dr. Lisa Herbert


N1204P31009CAfter a long, hard winter, the weather has finally broke and it feels like spring! People get inspired and ambitious by the warmer weather and get back into activities that they haven’t done since the fall.  Spring Fever brings about walking, running, golf, tennis…it feels good to be back outside!  Right around this time of year, when Spring Fever hits, I see an increase of “Spring-itis” at the office.  What’s Spring-itis?  With the sudden increase in activity, many people develop one or more “itis”, such as tendonitis, bursitis, plantar fasciitis, and more.

Even though their intentions are good, many people dive right back into their favorite activities without giving regard to the fact that they might not have done it all winter.  This means simply that you can’t pick up right where you left off.  I tell patients that any “itis” is often caused by the “rule of too”, meaning too much too soon, too fast too soon, too far too soon, etc.

N1309P11006CAnyone who knows me knows that I’m a big advocate of staying active.  So as you ease back into your favorite warm weather activities, do it smartly.  Warm up appropriately, get new shoes if necessary, and increase your activity a little each week until you get back to where you were last summer.  Ice down any known problem areas BEFORE they start hurting you.  A little preventative icing may save you from a whole season of injury.

Enjoy the warmer weather and if you are looking for an activity there is still space available in the 5k race of the Medina Half Marathon and 5k in May! It’s the first year for this race and the half marathon is already sold out at 1000 runners! Grab one of those last 5k spots for a great community event. It is put on by the Medina County Road Runners.

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