June 29, 2016

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Gazette wins General Excellence award, 13 others from Associated Press

COLUMBUS — The Gazette was named one of Ohio’s best newspapers in the annual Ohio Associated Press Media Editors competition.

The Gazette tied with the Ashland Times-Gazette for first place in General Excellence among newspapers with circulations of 8,000 to 12,999.

General Excellence awards also went to The Columbus Dispatch (more than 75,000 circulation), The Youngstown Vindicator (25,000 to 74,999 circulation), the Sandusky Register (13,000 to 24,500 circulation) and the Lancaster Eagle-Gazette (up to 7,999 circulation).

The Gazette received six first place awards — the most in its circulation class.

• The Gazette staff won Best Community Service for “Anatomy of a Teenage Suicide,” about the death of a 14-year-old Claggett Middle School student.

• Reporter Loren Genson was named Best News Writer.

• Managing Editor David Knox took Best Enterprise Reporting for a story on Ohio losing high-tech jobs and for Best (Photo) Illustration.

• Genson and Knox won second place in Best Investigative Reporting for a series of stories about the controversial contracts awarded former Medina Schools Superintendent Randy Stepp.

• Gazette copy editor/designer Scott Kline took second place for Best Page One Layout and third place for Best Headline Writer.

• The Gazette sports staff won for Best Daily Sports Section and third place for Best Sports Event Coverage of Highland’s loss to Cleveland Glenville in the Division II state semifinal game.

• Sports writer Albert Grindle was recognized for Best Special Sports Section, the Gazette’s high school football preview tabloid. Grindle also took second for Best Sports Feature Writer.

• Rick Noland won third place for Best Sports Writer.

• Ron Schwane took a third place for Best Sports Photo.

Sixty-four daily newspapers submitted 2,599 entries in the contest, which featured news and sports stories, features, editorials, columns, graphics and photos from 2013.

Entries were judged by editors from The Detroit News, Division V; The Ann Arbor (Michigan) News, Division VI; the Hopkinsville Kentucky New Era and the Bowling Green (Kentucky) News, Division III; the Cadillac (Michigan) News and The (St. Joseph, Michigan) Herald-Palladium, Division II; The Pueblo (Colorado) Chieftain and The (Grand Junction, Colorado) Daily Sentinel, Division I.

The Associated Press is a not-for-profit news cooperative representing 1,500 newspapers and 5,000 broadcast stations in the United States. Members of AP include 85 daily newspapers in Ohio.

Gazette wins in Division II — newspapers with a daily circulation of 8,000 to 12,999

General Excellence
1: The Medina Gazette and Ashland Times-Gazette (tie)
2: Zanesville Times Recorder
3: The Marietta Times

Best News Writer
1: Loren Genson, The Medina Gazette
2: Amy Knapp, The (Massillon) Independent
3: Hannah Sparling, Zanesville Times Recorder

Best Special Sports Section
1: Albert Grindle, The Medina Gazette, “2013 Football Preview”
2: Matt Hammond and Steve Smith, Bellefontaine Examiner, “The Game”
3: Ashland Times-Gazette, “2013-14 Fastbreak Focus”

Best Daily Sports Section
1: The Medina Gazette
2: Ashland Times-Gazette
3: Ron Firth and Michael Burich, Lisbon Morning Journal

Best (Photo) Illustration
1: David Knox, The Medina Gazette, “Puff Balls”
2: Mark Pummell, The (Celina) Daily Standard, “Golf Cover”
3: Erin O’Neill, The Marietta Times, “Heart Health”

Best Community Service
1: The Medina Gazette, “Anatomy of a Teen Suicide”
2: Alex Aspacher, The (Bowling Green) Sentinel-Tribune, “Road Rage Over Historic Home”
3: Shelley Grieshop, The (Celina) Daily Standard, “Residents Want Improvements at Intersection”

Best Enterprise Reporting
1: David Knox, The Medina Gazette, “Ohio Losing High-Tech Jobs”
2: Christina McCune, The (Massillon) Independent, “SWAT Outcomes”
3: Bill Ryan, The (Bowling Green) Sentinel-Tribune, “Cow Farming”

Best Sports Feature Writer
1: Kevin Wiseman, The Athens Messenger
2: Albert Grindle, The Medina Gazette
3: Brandon Hannahs, Zanesville Times Recorder

Best Investigative Reporting
1: Steve Robb, The Athens Messenger, “Athens County Sheriff Investigation”
2: Loren Genson and David Knox, The Medina Gazette, “Superintendent’s Contract Has Lavish Perks”
3: Hannah Sparling, Zanesville Times Recorder, “BCI Investigation into Dugan Shooting”

Best Page One Layout
1: Zanesville Times Recorder
2: Scott Kline, The Medina Gazette
3: The (Massillon) Independent.

Best Headline Writer
1: Jim Bartholow, The Marietta Times
2: Michael Buettner, Ashland Times-Gazette
3: Scott Kline, The Medina Gazette

Best Sports Writer
1: David Harpster, The (Massillon) Independent
2: Tim Shoemaker, Ashland Times-Gazette
3: Rick Noland, The Medina Gazette

Best Sports Event Coverage
1: Doug Haidet and Tom Puskar, Ashland Times-Gazette, “State Tournament for the Ages”
2: Chris Easterling, The (Massillon) Independent, “2013 Wrestling Championships”
3: The Medina Gazette, “Heartbroken Hornets”

Best Sports Photo
1: Patricia Schaeffer, Lisbon Morning Journal, “Bronc Flying”
2: Tom E. Puskar, Ashland Times-Gazette, “Where Did He Go?”
3: Ron Schwane, The Medina Gazette, “Header-ache”

Other awards in Division II — newspapers with a daily circulation of 8,000 to 12,999

Best Business Writer: 1, Hannah Sparling, Zanesville Times Recorder; 2, Dave Gossett, Steubenville Herald-Star; 3, Linda Harris, Steubenville Herald-Star.

Best Columnist: 1, Chris Schillig, The (Alliance) Review; 2, Rob Todor, The (Alliance) Review; 3, Janice Kiaski, Steubenville Herald-Star.

Best Editorial Writer: 1, Jan Larson-McLaughlin, The (Bowling Green) Sentinel-Tribune; 2, Dorma J. Tolson, Lisbon Morning Journal; 3, Paul Giannamore, Steubenville Herald-Star.

Best Feature Writer: 1, Hannah Sparling, Zanesville Times Recorder; 2, Patrick O’Neill, Zanesville Times Recorder; 3, Tyler Buchanan, The Athens Messenger.

Best Graphics Artist: 1, Michael Lehmkuhle, The (Newark) Advocate; 2, Chris Weidinger, Ashland Times-Gazette; 3, Devon Brabenec, Ashland Times-Gazette.

Best Sports Columnist: 1, Matt Hammond, Bellefontaine Examiner; 2, Jason Arkley, The Athens Messenger.

Best Photographer: 1, Kevin Whitlock, The (Massillon) Independent; 2, Patricia Schaeffer, Lisbon Morning Journal; 3, Robb DeCamp, The Marietta Times.

Best Sports Enterprise: 1, Brandon Hannahs and Sam Blackburn, Zanesville Times Recorder, “Opening New Doors”; 2, Doug Haidet, Ashland Times-Gazette, “50 Years at Community Stadium.”

Best Informational Graphics: 1, Erin O’Neill, The Marietta Times, “Must-have Medical Tests”; 2, Erin O’Neill, The Marietta Times, “Founders’ Final Resting Spots”; 3, Becky Tener, Ashland Times-Gazette, “Who Will be Crowned?”

Best Breaking News Photo: 1, Michael Lehmkuhle, The (Newark) Advocate, “Mother’s Plea”; 2, Patricia Schaeffer, Lisbon Morning Journal, “Saving the Day”; 3, Michael Lehmkuhle, The (Newark) Advocate, “Big ‘O’verturned.”

Best General News Photo: 1, Sarah Gordon, Ashland Times-Gazette, “Spelling Bee Emotions”; 2, Chris Crook, Zanesville Times Recorder, “Paige Calendine”; 3, Glenn Dettman, The (Massillon) Independent.

Best Feature Photo: 1, Patricia Schaeffer, Lisbon Morning Journal, “On the Fence”; 2, Luke Gronneberg, The Sidney Daily News, “Baby Swing”; 3, Kevin Whitlock, The (Massillon) Independent, “Snow Fun.”

Best Photo Essay: 1, Jessica Phelps, The (Newark) Advocate, “A World Apart”; 2, Sara C. Tobias, The (Newark) Advocate, “It Takes a Village”; 3, Enoch Wu, The (Bowling Green) Sentinel-Tribune, “Last Day at Ridge.”

Best Special Section: 1, Ashland Times-Gazette, “Transitions: 2013 Progress Edition”; 2, The Marietta Times, “Progress 2013: The Great Flood 100 Years Later”; 3, Steubenville Herald-Star, “Remembering John F. Kennedy.”

Best Breaking News Coverage: 1, Stephanie Ujhelyi, The (Alliance) Review, “Pipe Bomb Arrest”; 2, Jo Ann Bobby-Gilbert, Lisbon Morning Journal, “Storm Wreaks Havoc”; 3, Missy Loar and Tom Puskar, Ashland Times-Gazette, “Another Pump House Fire.”

Best Explanatory Reporting: 1, The Marietta Times, “Preventative Measures for Finances”; 2, Courtney Day, Ashland Times-Gazette, “Moody’s Downgrades AU Bonds”; 3, Jim Brewer, Ashland Times-Gazette, “Fracking Update.”

Best Full Page Layout: 1, Erin O’Neill, The Marietta Times, “Berry Sweet”; 2, Ryan Gillis, Lisbon Morning Journal, “Big Rig”; 3, Wendy Van Sickle, The Athens Messenger, “’A Christmas Story’ at 30.”

Best Use of Multimedia: 1, Shannon Harsh, The (Alliance) Review, “YMCA Tour”; 2, J.D. Pooley, The (Bowling Green) Sentinel-Tribune, “BGSU Football Ladies Night”; 3, Joe Higgins, The Athens Messenger, “Forgotten Veterans.”