June 27, 2016

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Medina County officials give Envision Waste an ultimatum in dispute

Envision Waste officials who last week refused to provide documents requested by Medina County officials now face an ultimatum.

County Sanitary Engineer Amy Lyon-Galvin sent a letter to Envision CEO Steven Viny on Tuesday giving him until 3 p.m. Friday to produce records she first requested March 26.

Envision is the company hired to operate the county’s central trash recycling facility in Westfield Township.

The contract expires at the end of this year and is up for rebid. County commissioners have said they are considering taking over the operation of the facility.

Lyon-Galvin and other officials have said the information is necessary to help them put together a request for proposals so other potential bidders know what is required to run the facility.

County officials have called Envision’s refusal a breach of contract.

“Please be advised that it is my position Envision Waste Services has failed to comply with the requirements of the contract,” Lyon-Galvin wrote.

Lyon-Galvin declined to state what the consequences would be if Envision does not comply. She said she will consult with county commissioners and county prosecutor.

“I’m hopeful that he produces the documents and that resolves the issue,” she said.

In March, Lyon-Galvin asked for “equipment replacement schedules; all operating and maintenance costs, including utility costs and …staffing levels (by title); and equipment replacement or repair activities, including parts and labor.”

After reminding Viny twice, Lyon-Galvin received a letter from him April 30, stating that Envision’s lawyers said they did not have to provide the reports, arguing the company does not want to provide trade secret information to a potential bidding competitor.

Viny told The Gazette last week that the request was unusual and the documents had never been requested before. Viny could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

But Lyon-Galvin said those items specifically are outlined in the contract with Envision, and she’s holding the company to it.

“I can’t speak toward what was or wasn’t requested in the past, but I’m asking for it as it is written in the current contract,” she said.

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