June 25, 2016


Couple pumped up for wedding

MEDINA — How much dedication do you need to start a workout routine and stick with it?

Just ask Bill and Kim Harmon. The couple is so committed to their fitness regimen, they worked out on their wedding day at the Medina Community Recreation Center.

They were married Sunday afternoon at The Oaks Lodge, with 20 guests in attendance, including Kim’s son, 16, and daughter, 12, and Bill’s son, 22.

Bill and Kim Harmon work out on their wedding day Sunday. (NANCY JOHNSON / GAZETTE)

Bill and Kim Harmon work out on their wedding day Sunday. (NANCY JOHNSON / GAZETTE)

As soon as the last guest drove away, the Harmons got into their sport utility vehicle and headed to the recreation center.

“We met at the rec,” Kim said as she curled a 30-pound weight, “so it makes sense to come back here today.”

Kim is a fitness room attendant at the center. Bill is a rec center regular who noticed Kim’s commitment to her fitness routine.

“I get right in there with the guys,” Kim said. “I’m not afraid to lift weights, and I’m there every day except Sunday.”

“I was impressed,” said Bill, a certified personal trainer. He also liked Kim’s easy camaraderie with the rec center patrons and her ready smile.

“I noticed him,” Kim said. “I thought he was a cool guy and very sweet. But we

didn’t really talk to each other.”

When they did finally speak to one another, you could say Bill had her at “hello.”

“I just walked up and said ‘hi’,” Bill said.

“We had so much in common right from the beginning,” said Kim, “We became best friends. I looked forward to my workouts because he would be there, encouraging me and making me laugh. If I had a bad day, Bill would make it better. He listens, and he knows the right things to say.”

Last fall, the couple started working out together on the Medina High School football field.

“Flipping tires, ropes, sprinting,” Bill said.

Eventually as fall turned into a brutal winter, they moved their workout indoors to the recreation center.

And that’s when love blossomed.

“I was spotting him,” Kim remembers. “Our faces were almost touching. We looked at each other and we just knew.”

Now married, the couple is working on a few long-term goals.

“We’d like to open our own fitness center someday,” said Bill, who works as a controller at a Medina manufacturing company. “We’d like to help people reach their fitness goals.”

They’re also preparing a video for the producers of CBS’s “Amazing Race.” “We’d love to be on that show,” said Kim, who also plans to participate in a fitness competition later this year.

And what about that fitness regimen? Any advice for the couch potatoes among us?

“I’d tell them they shouldn’t expect results right away,” said Kim. “It takes time to see results, but you should never say you can’t do something. You have to try.”

“The best fitness advice I could give is to focus on good nutrition,” said Bill, “It’s not about fad diets. It’s about making healthy choices and permanent lifestyle changes.”

The couple eats about every three hours — three meals and two snacks.

“Lean protein, lots and lots of veggies, whole grains like brown rice or quinoa, a little bit of fruit and a gallon of water a day,” Kim said.

“Plus you need to work out,” Bill said. “We work out a different muscle group each day.”

“The Medina Rec Center has all the equipment, programs and tools you need,” Kim said. “All you need is the drive to succeed.”

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