July 23, 2016

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Lafayette Twp. parking bureau cracking down on bad parking

LAFAYETTE TWP. — Residents in Lafayette Township’s home subdivisions can expect parking tickets for parking on sidewalks or on the fire hydrant side of streets now that the township has a parking bureau.

Township Trustee Bryon Macron said the parking bureau, which was established last month, allows sheriff’s deputies to issue citations that carry fines about $20 to $30.

Macron said that without the bureau, the deputies would have to cite state law and the fines would be much more expensive — at least $120.

“This gives officers another tool to use to keep people from parking on the streets,” he said. “We are not looking to financially hurt anybody.”

The township will allow parking in the streets, but with stricter rules.

For example, a resident can be hit with a $20 fine for parking on the sidewalk or on a crosswalk.

Macron said that excessive parking on the streets and sidewalks were causing safety problems and there was no other way to enforce parking restrictions.

“The subdivision streets are so small,” he said.

“When you back up your car there are potential risks, school buses were having a bad time and emergency vehicles wouldn’t be able to get down the streets.”

The parking bureau was in development for a year and was patterned after a similar bureau in Montville Township.

Lafayette trustees had to get approval from the county prosecutor’s office and Judge Dale Chase before establishing the bureau.

Macron said that in the three weeks that the bureau has been active, Sheriff’s Deputies have written about 30 citations.

Macron said the money collected from the citations is being put into the township’s general fund for now.

“I’d like to do something where you could say that the township isn’t making money from it,” he said.

Macron pointed out the Montville’s parking bureau gives money gained from citations back into local charities like Medina Community Police Activities League and that he would like Lafayette to do something similar.

“We are not doing this to make money,” he said. “We are simply controlling the avenues of which people can travel and park.”

Macron urged residents to let the sheriff’s office know if they are having parties or going to park excessive cars in the street, so police know not to ticket those vehicles.

Citations can be paid by check or money order, but the township will not accept cash.

If residents are paying a citation beyond 72 hours of the noted time on the violation, the resident is subject to the higher penalty.

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