June 28, 2016

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Funding source still sought to turn Blue Heron Golf Course into park

Montville Township officials have fallen short in their bid for a $400,000 grant to purchase Blue Heron Golf Course and turn it into a park.

The township came in second place, behind Lorain County, in a bid to secure funding from the Clean Ohio Fund’s Green Space Conservation Program.

Police Chief Terry Grice said the Clean Ohio Fund offered to give the township $80,000, but trustees turned that down.

“If we accepted the $80,000, that would disqualify us from future funding,” Grice said.

Grice said the township reapply for a grant from the Clean Ohio Fund later this year. He said the township also will look for grants from other nonprofit groups.

“We are still looking at different private foundations,” he said. “A lot of the other grants are for repairs and construction.”

The township has five years to come up with $500,000 to buy the golf course.

The township entered a five-year, lease-purchase agreement last month with Medina-based C&C of Ohio LLC to purchase the golf course.

C&C will finance the purchase of the land and lease it to Montville at a cost of $1 plus property taxes per year.

The township agreed to pay $132,000 for four of the 20 parcels this summer, with the rest of the payments occurring over the next five years.

The Green Space Conservation Program is the main source from which the township plans to pay for the 252-acre park.

The Green Space Conservation Program is administered by the Ohio Public Works Commission and helps fund the preservation of open spaces, sensitive ecological areas and stream corridors.

The property has a large undisturbed woodland and more than four miles of natural streams.

Blue Heron opened in 2007 and was touted as the next great golf course in Ohio.

The course’s 10th hole was nominated for “The Most Brutally Beautiful Golf Hole” in the nation in 2008.

The country club has been closed since 2012 for financial reasons.

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