July 24, 2016

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27 kittens abandoned in Brunswick

Some of the 27 kittens left in a plastic container at the Brunswick Animal Hospital on Thursday. (PHOTO PROVIDED)

Some of the 27 kittens left in a plastic container at the Brunswick Animal Hospital on Thursday. (PHOTO PROVIDED)

Brunswick’s animal control officer is asking for help finding who is responsible for abandoning 27 kittens at the Brunswick Animal Hospital.

“They were left behind the clinic near the dumpster in a Rubbermaid container,” Animal Control Officer Mike Kellums said.

The kittens were dropped off between 9 a.m. and noon Thursday, but Kellums said he is unsure how long they were there before employees found them. Kellums said the staff at the clinic believes the kittens belong to four different litters and range in age from 2 to 8 weeks.

“We want people to know that this is animal abandonment,” he said. “They could have died out there waiting, and for the very young ones, they need constant feeding and attention.”

In May, 12 kittens were dropped off in a similar Rubbermaid container at the hospital. Kellums wasn’t sure if the same people are responsible for this week’s kitten drop-off.

Kellums stressed that anyone unable to care for animals can call Brunswick Animal Control for help.

“We can refer you to a rescue organization and try to help. This is not the way to handle it,” he said.

The staff at the Brunswick Animal Hospital is caring for all 27 kittens. Staff members took the youngest ones home with them overnight so they could be bottle-fed every few hours.

“Some of them have medical conditions and others are OK,” Kellums said.

A staff member who answered the phone Friday said the office manager was busy feeding kittens and that the clinic’s medical staff was busy handling their regular clients and providing care for the extra kittens residing at the facility.

“They’re taking good care of them, but I’m sure it’s overwhelming,” Kellums said.

Kellums said each kitten was being examined and the clinic plans to find them homes.

“They have a network of a couple different offices and I know they’re working to get them adopted,” he said.

Anyone with information on who may have dropped the kittens off at the clinic, or who knows anyone who may be hoarding cats, is asked to contact Kellums at (330) 225-9111 or mkellums@brunswick.oh.us.

Anyone with questions about adopting the kittens, can call the Brunswick Animal Hospital at (330) 225-5661.

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