December 18, 2014


Sobriety checkpoint on state Route 18 tonight

SHARON TWP. — The Ohio State Highway Patrol, along with the Medina County OVI Task force, will conduct a sobriety checkpoint tonight, beginning at 10 p.m. until 2 p.m. on state Route 18, near Portside Drive, east of the Interstate 71 interchange.

The checkpoint will also be held in conjunction with nearby saturation patrols to aggressively combat alcohol-related injury and fatal crashes.

The checkpoint, funded by federal grant funds, is aimed at deterring impaired drivers.

  • stevebarrette


  • quinn

    Per the Supreme Court ruling/rules regulating checkpoints:

    “(9) The public must be notified aggressively and well in advance of any sobriety checkpoint so that drivers can avoid them if necessary.”


  • kevin

    this is a waste of federal money and local resources . it also promotes a police state.

  • Guest

    Why are these becoming the norm and everyone just accepting it? There is literally a DUI checkpoint every weekend.

  • si

    I think they are great. There should be one everyday. Hopefully it ends drunk driving.

  • Realistic

    These things are a necessary evil in today’s society. The only downside is that it will also catch people that have had a drink, but are OK. Alcohol affects different people in different ways. Again, one drink is enough for ANYONE to blow over the limit. Also, even if you blow under .08 and over 0, you will still have an issue with the law. As the statement goes, buzzed driving is drunk driving. It sucks, but these checkpoints are one of the only ways to help prevent problems. If vehicles had interlock devices, then that would really curb the issue.