October 4, 2015

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‘Spoonman’ performs musical shows at Brunswick, Buckeye libraries

Jim “Spoonman” Cruise plays the spoons during a show Monday at the Brunswick Library. (ANDREW DAVIS / GAZETTE)

Jim “Spoonman” Cruise plays the spoons during a show Monday at the Brunswick Library. (ANDREW DAVIS / GAZETTE)

For 39 years Jim “Spoonman” Cruise has been slapping spoons on his thigh.

On Monday, he brought his talents to the Brunswick and Buckeye libraries.

In traditional country music, spoons are played holding the concave sides of two spoons outward with a finger placed in between both of the handles. The spoons are struck against the knee and the palm of the hand.

But Spoonman has a different way of playing.

“I use my thumb in place of my fingers,” he said. “It felt more natural.”

Spoonman began playing the spoons when he was 9 years old after his parents refused to buy him a drum set.

“Spoons ended up becoming my imaginary drum set,” he said. “I got the idea from my grandpa who used to play the spoons.”

Since then he has been playing spoons for his family and friends. In 1988, he became a professional spoon player.

Originally from Michigan, Spoonman performs more than 200 shows per year around the county for youngsters.

His act revolves around three main points for children to become successful: don’t do drugs, stay in school and listen to your parents.

If children do that, then the possibilities are endless, Spoonman said, especially listening to your parents, even if you don’t get what you want.

“I never got that drum set,” he said.

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