January 27, 2015

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Soccer Has Its Injuries

Soccer2Soccer is a great way to build endurance, improve speed and promote fitness all while building the friendships associated with a team sport.  Soccer is considered a safe sport, but you can still get hurt.

Soccer involves quick start and stop motions, and physical contact which can lead to injuries.  Common soccer injuries include:


  • ACL – A ligament that provides stability in forward direction of the thigh bone (Femur) in relationship to the shin bone (Tibia).


  • Medial Collateral Ligament- Provides stability to the knee to help prevent it from buckling in.


  • Meniscus-cartilage that cushions the knee joint can be damaged or torn with quick rotation or hyperextension of the knee


  • Patellofemoral Syndrome-Involves the quadriceps (thigh) tendon and the knee cap.  Can create pain usually in the front of the knee with running or squatting.


  • Shin splints-characterized by pain in the lower 1/3 of the shin.  The pain is felt on the bone and can develop inflammation of the layer of bone called the periosteum, as well as inflammation to the fascia and muscles around the lower leg.


  • Ankle sprains-typically a rolling or twisting in (inversion) of the ankle that overstretches or partially tears the ligaments on the outside of the ankle that help support the joint


  • Groin Pain- This is the junction between the lower limbs and torso.  This area is vulnerable in both male and female athletes.  The adductor muscle group is usually involved.  Injuries to this area occur from much running side to side or kicking across the body.  Groin injuries can also create hip, knee or back pain.


Prevention is important. Factors such as flexibility, strength, proper warm ups, and conditioning can decrease the risk of injury.  Poor movement patterns or poor jumping and landing mechanics can increase the risk of injury.  Many injuries are self limiting, but mismanagement of an injury or too early of a return to play can make the condition chronic or create other problems.  Lou Rossi, D.C. and Kyle Milligan, P.T. treat sports related injuries on a regular basis.  Having a chiropractor and a physical therapist will enable you to be play ready upon release from care.


Centerpointe Chiropractic and Physical Therapy will be holding a Free Soccer Clinic in conjunction with current and former division 1 soccer players.  It will be held at Huffman Field Saturday July 12th from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Current and former division 1 soccer players will instruct on soccer specific drills and skills, while Lou and Kyle will instruct on injury prevention and sports performance enhancement drills.  Call Centerpointe Chiropractic and Physical Therapy at 330-723-2225 or go to medinacenterpointe.com for more details or to register.