June 30, 2016

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Clerk of courts rejects HR recommendation, fires deputy clerk

David Wadsworth

David Wadsworth

MEDINA — Medina County Clerk of Courts David Wadsworth has fired Deputy Clerk Cynthia Tyree, rejecting the recommendation of lesser discipline from a county human resources official.

Tyree said she received a short letter in the mail Wednesday saying her employment was terminated, effective Tuesday.

Tyree was put on paid leave two weeks ago for allegedly failing to back up computer data and changing files on a computer server without consulting Wadsworth in violation of an employee policy manual.

“I have applied for unemployment. Long-term I’m not sure yet what I’m going to do,” Tyree said. “At this point, I’m just glad a decision’s been made and I can move on.”

The firing followed a disciplinary hearing July 11. Denise Casteel, an administrative assistant at the county sanitary engineers office who was appointed to hear the case, recommended Wadsworth discipline Tyree by putting her on unpaid leave instead of firing her.

Tyree acknowledged not backing up the servers but defended her work performance at the July 11 disciplinary hearing, Casteel wrote in her report.

Tyree refused the opportunity to resign from her position, Casteel said.

Casteel agreed that discipline was warranted, but said unpaid suspension or a “last-chance agreement” were appropriate remedies.

Tyree released a statement that she gave at a pre-disciplinary hearing.

“I understand that for the past few months neither Mr. Wadsworth, Mr. Shirer (Chief Deputy Clerk Albert Shirer), nor myself have been, for different reasons, happy with my job, and I am saddened by the treatment I have lately experienced culminating in this meeting,” she said in a statement. “I firmly believe that I have made many efforts to better the state of technology within the Clerk’s office for which I will not be recognized, but will hold with pride myself.”

Wadsworth did not return phone calls for comment.

Human resources director Holly Muren said last week that the hearing was an unnecessary step in disciplining Tyree. Because Tyree is not a civil service employee, Muren said Wadsworth could have terminated Tyree without calling for a hearing.

Wadsworth said last week he asked for the hearing so Tyree could have a chance to defend herself. He denied that the request for a hearing was related to a recently settled federal lawsuit filed in June 2013 by former Chief Deputy Clerk Julie Kauffman.

Kauffman accused Wadsworth of violating her First Amendment right to free speech by firing her because she turned him in to county Prosecutor Dean Holman for campaigning for the 2012 election while on the job.

Wadsworth was charged with misuse of public funds and pleaded no contest in September. A judgment in the case was delayed, pending Wadsworth’s completion of a “first offender” diversion program.

The civil suit ended in June with an out-of-court settlement. The terms of the settlement have not been released.

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  1. This guy Wadsworth – should never have been elected. It is Ok for him to use taxpayers monies and have threaten the employees under his supervision, to do work in regards to his election campaign, and nothing happens to him. Shameful Medina County, but then again this is corruption at its finest.

  2. Bobbi Lou says:

    The article makes it clear that there was just cause to fire this county employee for violating the employee policy manual and both a hearing officer and a county human resources director confirmed it. So why is this even a news story? She wasn’t a supervisor and she committed no crime. She already lost her job, so why is the Gazette going out it way to publicly humiliating her?

  3. Bobbi Lou says:

    Sounds to me like an IT employee wasn’t doing her job, which could be a very serious problem if the computer system ever went down and the courts’ files were never backed up. Wadsworth treated her fairly by having an independent disciplinary hearing, which he apparently was not even required to do. I think The Gazette just used this non-story as an excuse for bashing Wadsworth.

  4. freebird says:

    You have to ask why was she not able to back up the system? Do you work there Bobbi? Do you know the conditions that the employees work under? If not then I would suggest you do some research. Hobo has it correct.

  5. Freebird, the citizens of Medina County need to vote this guy Wadsworth out of office when he runs for election the next time. He is a disgrace to the office he holds. and thanks for the comment about getting it right. It is quite evident that this guy Wadsworth has some issues and to me it seems to be with women. This is the second one he has fired or gotten rid of since he took over this office.

  6. Red_White_and_True says:

    Guess who is a supervisor and committed a crime? Wadsworth. Trust nothing this guy does. He fired an employee just to hire his buddy Shirer. Politics as usual at the Medina County Courthouse. He is just trying to cover his a$$ and his successor Chief Deputy’s a$$ because of the failure of completing the computer upgrade. Don’t fall for their tricks. Anytime something goes wrong, there will be a lower level employee to blame. Sure the employee should’ve been reprimanded but she probably needed guidance from Wadsworth and Shirer who were probably too busy talking Medina politics to worry about the job. That’s all they do in every office of that courthouse.

  7. watchdog says:

    Actually it’s the fourth he’s terminated and the 11th to leave his offices.

  8. freebird says:

    Hobo and watchdog, I agree, he needs to be voted OUT. The unfortunate thing is the regular Medina citizen usually votes in the “R” column, meaning the Republican column without even educating themselves. I for one vote for the person, not the party, and will never give this man my vote. It’s a disgrace what he has done to his employees and how he treats them.

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