June 25, 2016


Medina County to offer operators options for trash contracts

Companies interested in operating the county’s recycling center next year will be able to bid on two proposed contracts.

County Sanitary Engineer Amy Lyon-Galvin presented the two contract options at Tuesday’s county commissioners’ meeting.

“The reason for two options is to allow creativity in the response from bidders,” she said. “We are hoping to cast a broad net to generate interest.”

Lyon-Galvin said both of the proposed contracts are significantly different than the current contract with Cleveland-based Envision Waste, which expires at the end of the year.

The district now owns the processing equipment and the trucks that haul trash to be recycled. The new contract would require the winning bidder to provide the trucks. One of the options would allow the operator to provide its own operating equipment.

Another major difference are the term periods of the contract.

The current contract is for five years. One of the two options calls for a five-year base contract with three one-year extensions at the district’s discretion. The other option is a five-year contract with three five-year extensions.

Both proposed contracts provide a penalty if the operator fails to recycle at least 30 percent of the waste delivered to the facility.

The county commissioners have criticized Envision for not recycling enough trash.

The county’s $9 million Central Processing Facility in Westfield Township — the only one of its kind in the state — was built to comply with House Bill 592, passed in the late 1980s requiring that 90 percent of residents have access to recycling .

Access to the building also is addressed in the proposed contracts. Future operators of the facility will be allowed to secure areas of the property for safety purposes, but the district will have keys to the building and district personnel will staff a reception desk.

An exit plan strategy was also added to the contract. Bidders will have to submit an exit plan that details the process if and when they cease operations.

Lyon-Galvin said the nine-person bid team has been reviewing and contributing to the construction of the new contract and will present the bid summary for discussion once more before county commissioners next week. If there are no further questions or concerns with the summary, they will have a draft resolution to be passed that will allow the district to advertise for bids.

The deadline for bids is Sept. 25 before a 3:30 p.m. public meeting in the administration building to announce the bidders.

The deadline for a final decision on a winning bid is Oct. 31.

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