January 29, 2015


What’s in Season Calendar

FruitBasketFruits and vegetables typically grown in Ohio are listed below. Their availability varies according to growing conditions, time of the year and where you live. Many fruits and vegetables are available beyond the indicated harvest periods.

Apples Aug – Nov

Asparagus        Apr – Jun

Beans (Lima)    Jul – Sep

Beans (Pole)     Jun – Sep

Beans Snap      Jun – Sep

Beets    Jun – Oct

Blackberries     Jul – Sep

Blueberries       Jun – Sep

Broccoli           Jun, Sep

Cabbage          May – Oct

Cantaloupe       Jul – Sep

Carrots Jul – Oct

Cauliflower       Sep – Nov

Cilantro            Jun – Oct

Collards           May – Oct

Corn (Sweet)   Jul – Oct

Cucumbers       Jul – Sep

Currants           Jul

Dill (Seed)        Jun – Sep

Dill (Dry)          Jun – Sep

Eggplant           Jul – Sep

Endive, Escarole           Jun – Oct

Gooseberries    Jun – Jul

Grapes (Table) Aug – Oct

Kale     May – Oct

Leeks   Jul – Oct

Leafy Lettuce   Jun – Oct

Mustard Greens            May – Oct

Okra    Jul – Sep

Onions (Dry)    Jul – Oct

Onions (Green) Jun – Oct

Parsley (Herbs)            Jun – Oct

Parsnips           Sep, Oct

Peaches            Jul – Sep

Peas (Green)    Jun – Jul

Peppers (Bell)  Jul – Oct

Peppers (Hot)  Jun – Oct

Peppers (Sweet)           Jun – Oct

Potatoes           Jul – Oct

Pumpkins         Sep – Oct

Radishes           May – Oct

Raspberries (Black)      Jun – Jul

Raspberries (Purple)     Jun – Jul

Raspberries (Red)        Jun – Jul

Raspberries (Fall)         Aug – Oct

Rhubarb           Apr – Jun

Spinach            May – Oct

Squash (Summer/Zucchini)        Jun – Sep

Squash (Winter)           Aug – Nov

Strawberries     May – Jun

Strawberries (Everbearing)       May – Oct

Tomatoes         Jul – Oct

Turnip Greens   May – Oct

Turnips Sep – Oct

Watermelon      Jul – Sep