July 25, 2016

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100th Birthday – Pierce

Eleanor Bradley Pierce

Eleanor Bradley

Eleanor Bradley Pierce celebrated
her 100th birthday on July
1, 2014!

She was born on a farm in
Litchfield and had three younger
brothers, Raymond, Donald and
Kenneth. After graduating from
Litchfield High School, Eleanor
married Elmer “Dutch”
Swanker. A son, Roger, was
born to this union. Some time
later, after the passing of her
first husband, Eleanor married
Ralph Pierce.
For 13 years, Eleanor was a successful saleswoman
with Stanley Home Products. She also played violin in the
Bradley Family Orchestra for many dances. A widow again, her
favorite pastime is reading books. She is a prolific reader.
You can wish Eleanor a happy birthday, send a card to: Emeritus
at Medina, 100 Highpoint Dr., Room A17, Medina, OH