June 29, 2016

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Official: Linking to national database would help track deadbeat dads

Medina County Child Support Enforcement Agency Director Michael Pataky wants to tie into a national database to better track deadbeat dads who are behind bars.

The database, called JusticeXchange, provides prison data for 37 different states and 92 percent of all jail beds in Ohio.

“There are people who father children and decide to run because they don’t want to pay child support,” Pataky told county commissioners Tuesday. “This is just another tool we’ll have access to in order to establish paternity or get some sort of payments rolling in on a case.”

Pataky requested commissioners approve a one-year contract with Appriss, a software development company that would provide access to the JusticeXchange database.

The contract would cost $100 per month plus an annual administration fee of $75.

If Appriss can secure 50 JusticeXchange users from Ohio’s 88 counties to also contract with, the price would decrease to $80 per month.

“This is not a revolutionary thing,” Pataky said. “This is something we would use when our normal process is slowing down and we’re having trouble locating people.”

Pataky said one employee would have access to the database.

Pataky said he hopes to have a resolution ready to present to commissioners by Sept. 8.

In other action

Commissioners approved a resolution Tuesday for the county engineer’s office to advertise for bids for outside contractors to help with additional maintenance work this year.

County Engineer Mike Salay said cleanup from the May 12 storm set the department back six weeks’ worth of work.

“We still have quite a bit of work we have to do by the end of the year,” he said.

Salay said the bid will provide his office with additional manpower and equipment to help with leftover storm cleanup and regular construction maintenance work like road repairs and drainage work.

Assistant County Engineer Andy Conrad said that due to the Ohio Revised Code’s force account limits, regular staff cannot exceed $50,000 worth of maintenance work within a mile stretch at a time.

He said some of the damage done by the May and June storms is bad enough to exceed that $50,000.

Conrad said a deadline for the bids has not yet been determined.

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