December 19, 2014


Pedestrian struck, seriously injured by vehicle in Granger Twp.

GRANGER TWP. — A 62-year-old pedestrian was seriously injured Wednesday evening when she was struck by a vehicle on Waterside Drive, west of North Medina Line Road.

Nahida Abboud, of Akron, was walking west on Waterside Drive about 7:30 p.m., when she was hit by a westbound GMC SUV, according to the Medina post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Abboud “sustained serious physical injuries,” was taken by Granger Township EMS to Akron General Hospital, the report said. A condition report was not available Wednesday evening.

The SUV’s driver, Betty Hodgson, 65, of Granger Township, was wearing a safety belt, and was not injured, the report said.

Drugs or alcohol were not factors in the crash, according to Sgt. C.D. Dowell, assistant post commander.

  • Interested Party

    This article reads as thought this was the pedestrian’s responsibility. This is horrendous and insulting to Ms. Abboud and her family. A person should be able to walk in their own neighborhood without risking their life. It is incredibly insensitive to insinuate that Ms. Abboud should have done something to prevent this rather than this being a result of someone driving too fast in a residential neighborhood when she was unable to see directly in front of her. The article reads as though blame is being placed on Ms. Abboud rather than someone who was recklessly driving at dusk. Individuals drive during this hour everyday, all of the time, and do not seriously harm or threaten others lives by doing so.

  • guest

    I agree with you. It is upsetting to read an article like this. Not only does it completely relieve any responsibility on the part of the driver but it sends the message that it is “okay” not to maintain visibility while driving and if you hit a pedestrian while driving, well I guess that pedestrian assumed the risk. This driver was not only negligent she was completely reckless, if you can’t see you pull over. This is a message for the writer, David Knox.. when a case is still under investigation you shouldn’t write premature conclusive statements– you should just state the facts.