June 28, 2016

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Patrol: Sun glare a factor in SUV crash seriously injuring pedestrian

Sun glare contributed to an accident that seriously injured a pedestrian Wednesday evening in Granger Township, according to the Medina post of the Ohio Highway Patrol.

Trooper Steven Robison said the driver, township resident Betty Hodgson, reached for her SUV’s visor at about 7:30 p.m. because the sun was bright — and that’s when she struck 62-year-old Nahida Abboud on Waterside Drive west of North Medina Line Road that borders Medina and Summit counties.

He said Abboud was walking west along the curb of the right lane, the same lane and direction in which Hodgson was driving. Waterside Drive does not have sidewalks, he said.

On roads without sidewalks, Robison said pedestrians are supposed to walk in the other lane along the left curb so they can see oncoming traffic and avoid it if necessary.

Robison said he could understand why Hodgson would need to lower her visor.

“Both my sergeant and myself did the same thing as we approached,” he said. “The sun glare is pretty bad over the trees there.”

He said Hodgson, 65, told troopers she always tried to be careful on Waterside Drive, where she lives, because she knew many people walked there. Hodgson reported she was driving about 20 to 25 mph.

Abboud was transported to Akron General Hospital on Wednesday evening, where she was listed in serious condition in surgical intensive care on Thursday afternoon.

Robison said Abboud lives in Bath Township on the Summit County side of North Medina Line Road. Her adult son reported that he and his mother often go on walks, but she went out on her own because he was running late because of work.

Abboud and her son live about a mile away in the 600 block of Tellis Green Drive.

Lt. Mark Neff, commander of the patrol’s Medina post, said troopers are still looking into the crash.

“It definitely looks like it was an accident,” he said, “but it’s still under investigation.”

Hodgson was wearing a seat belt and was not injured in the accident, according to the patrol.

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  1. This article reads as thought this was the pedestrian’s responsibility. This is horrendous and insulting to Ms. Abboud and her family. A person should be able to walk in their own neighborhood without risking their life. It is incredibly insensitive to insinuate that Ms. Abboud should have done something to prevent this rather than this being a result of someone driving too fast in a residential neighborhood when she was unable to see directly in front of her. The article reads as though blame is being placed on Ms. Abboud rather than someone who was recklessly driving at dusk.

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