July 23, 2016

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Local restaurants, food providers recognized for cleanliness

Fifteen local food service operations, including seven school cafeterias, received Excellence Awards from the Medina County Health Department as acknowledgement of their infraction-free inspection reports and service, sanitation, and safety efforts. Forty others received Compliance Awards.

The annual Excellence Awards are presented to operations that are shown after routine food safety-inspections to be free of violations and demonstrate overall excellence in food sanitation and organization.

Compliance Awards are presented to those without critical violations.

The Medina County Health Department inspects nearly 2,500 restaurants, cafeterias, grocery stores, food carts, fair/festival trailers, convenience stores, and vending machines throughout the county each year.

Inspectors teach and enforce code that regulates food serving and storing temperatures, employee hygiene, and overall cleanliness.

Medina County Health Commissioner Krista Wasowski stressed the importance maintaining high standards in food preparation.

“According to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, every year 1 in 6 Americans — 48 million people — get sick as a result of food-borne illness,” Wasowski said. “When businesses are making great efforts to reduce that number, we feel it’s important to recognize them.”

Excellence Award recipients:

  •   Academy of Young Minds, 311 Weatherstone Drive, Wadsworth
  •   ACME Farm Market, 3054 Greenwich Road, Guilford Township
  •   Claggett Middle School, 420 E. Union St., Medina
  •   Eliza Northrop Elementary School, 950 E. Reagan Parkway, Medina
  •   Ella Canavan Elementary School, 825 Lawrence St., Medina
  •   Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream & Yogurt, 1050 S. Court St., Medina
  •   Heritage Elementary School, 833 Guilford Blvd., Medina
  •   Medina Senior High School, 777 E. Union St., Medina
  •   Medina Stadium 16 @ Huntington Street, Regal Cinema, 200 W. Reagan Parkway, Medina
  •   Pine Valley Golf Club, 469 Reimer Road, Wadsworth Township
  •   Sacred Heart School, 110 Humbolt Ave., Wadsworth
  •   Seville Sweet Shop, 43 W. Main St., Seville
  •   Starbucks Coffee No. 17836, 998 A High St., Wadsworth
  •   The Grizzly Den, 625 Bird St., Wadsworth
  •   Wadsworth Central Intermediate School, 151 Main St., Wadsworth

Compliance award recipients:

  •   A. I. Root Middle School, 333 W. Sturbridge Drive, Medina
  •   Arby’s No. 1199, 964 High St., Wadsworth
  •   Arby’s, 5081 Eastpoint Drive, Medina
  •   Boss Frosty’s, 962 Broad St., Wadsworth
  •   Brunswick High School East, 3581 Center Road, Brunswick
  •   Blue Ribbon Auction Gallery, 869 Broad St., Wadsworth
  •   Burger King No. 6126, 2828 Medina Road, Montville Township
  •   Burger King No. 9161, 994 High St., Wadsworth
  •   Dunkin’ Donuts, 1209 N. Court St., Medina
  •   E-Z Shop Food Mart, 6630 Norwalk Road, Medina
  •   Garfield Elementary School, 234 S. Broadway St., Medina
  •   Gionino’s Pizzeria, 138 Akron Road, Wadsworth
  •   H.G. Blake Elementary School, 4704 Lexington Ridge, Medina
  •   Huntington Elementary School, 1931 Huntington Circle, Brunswick
  •   Isham Elementary School, 325 Sunset Blvd., Wadsworth
  •   Jake’s Wayback Burgers, 1090 Williams Reserve Blvd., Suite H, Wadsworth
  •   Jilbert Winery, 1496 Columbia Road, Liverpool Township
  •   Jimmy John’s, 240 N. Court St., Medina
  •   Kelly’s Café, 1661 Pearl Road, Brunswick
  •   Kentucky Fried Chicken, 1136-1138 N. Court St., Medina
  •   Kinder Care Learning Centers No. 919, 135 Smokerise Drive, Wadsworth
  •   Lincoln Elementary School, 280 N. Lyman St., Wadsworth
  •   Little Mountain Creamery, 294 Pearl Road, Brunswick
  •   Medina Nutrition Site, 246 Northland Drive, Medina
  •   Medina Skateland, 3789 Pearl Road, Medina Township
  •   Memorial Elementary School, 3845 Magnolia Drive, Brunswick
  •   Menchies, 1090 Williams Reserve Blvd., Unit 330K, Wadsworth
  •   Overlook Elementary, 650 Broad St., Wadsworth
  •   Pitter Pat Nursery School & Day Care, 47 W. 130th St., Hinckley Township
  •   Sidney Fenn Elementary School, 320 N. Spring Grove St., Medina
  •   Speedway No. 3650, 1160 Akron Road, Wadsworth Township
  •   St. Ambrose Parish, 929 Pearl Road, Brunswick
  •   Subway No. 36172, 222 E. Smokerise Drive, Wadsworth
  •   Taco Bell No. 2187, 973 High St., Wadsworth
  •   The Learning Garden Inc., 4855 Lexington Ridge, Medina
  • Trease Road Child Care, 405 Trease Road, Wadsworth
  • Wadsworth Middle School, 150 Silvercreek Road, Wadsworth
  •   Wadsworth Pointe, 540 Great Oaks Tr., Wadsworth
  •   Willetts Middle School, 1045 Hadcock Road, Brunswick

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